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My kitchen counter still has the glass stovetop but the stove is gone and the glass falls through.

How can I repair the countertop?

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Posted 2013-09-26T19:05:17+0000  by donna1427 donna1427

Hi Donna1427,


Are you planning on replacing the cooktop? If so this is the easiest solution.


If not the countertop can be filled in, however this depends upon the type of countertop you have.


If it’s ceramic tile, the area can be filled in and tile applied. However finding the same type style and color tile as the original could be a problem.


If the counter is granite or quartz, a section of granite or quartz could be installed, however the cutout will show and the new stone will in most cases not match the older existing stone.


Consider placing some other item in the spot such as a prep sink or a large butcher-block cutting board.


A butcher-block cutting board could be built to fit the opening and be raised above the counter to give the kitchen a custom look.



Posted 2013-09-26T19:34:19+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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