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My lawn

I am in Atlanta, GA, and I am new to lawn care. Just bought a house with a beautiful 4000 square foot front yard. Yeah, first time I own my own yard. Spring is almost here, and I think I need to do something about it to keep its beauty.


It has bermuda, currently about 3 to 4 inch in dormant. Got a couple questions:

1) By when should I mow it?

2) How low should I mow it to?

3) What kind of mower should I get? I prefer to get a reel mower, but heard that it is hard to push with a bag.





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Posted 2011-02-10T04:52:29+0000  by atlsky atlsky

Hey atlsky.


This is greengiant from Atlanta and when it comes to Bermuda yards you have asked the right person. I have a Bermuda yard and it stays looking beautiful.


Bermuda is a warm season grass that prefers to be cut short (1.5 to 2 inches). With snow obviously still in the forecast, do not scalp (cut short) your yard yet, for the tall grass is acting as an insulator for the roots. Around March 1st go ahead and scalp the yard and put your bagger on the mower and pick up all the clippings and dispose of them. As far as a mower is concerned, there is a large selection and selecting the right one can be a challenge.


Reel mowers do deliver a beautiful cut on Bermuda but with a reel mower, you would have to cut your Bermuda extremely short and it would require cutting every 4 days. There has to be some serious dedication to your yard with a reel mower.


14 Years ago when I started working at The Home Depot I had also just bought a house and was looking for a mower as well. The Lawnranger (Travis) convinced me to buy the Honda mower and 14 years later it still starts on the 1st pull. There is the Toro mower, which is a good mower, but I very seldom ever see a Honda mower returned with any problems and for just a few bucks more you have a Honda with one of the best warranty's around.



Now is also the best time to put down your pre-emergent weed preventer. It will prevent weeds, which is much easier than having to kill them in the spring. Come into the store and talk to one of our pros and let them get you everything you need. Below is a picture of my Bermuda yard with Annual Rye grass over it, which keeps my yard green year round. This picture was taken the day before Thanksgiving.

ingars annual rye.JPG

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Posted 2011-02-10T12:53:32+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks greengiant. Your information is very helpful.I will stop by home depot this weekend.


I heard about the good thing about Honda mower, but wasn't sure if it fits mine. Another thing I am not comfortable with the gas equitments. I never used one. Somehow I has an impression that it would make my garage has gas smell. is it a false concern?

Posted 2011-02-11T16:18:35+0000  by atlsky

Hey atlsky.


There is no need for concern. It will not stink up the garage as much as a car will. This thing will start very easily and treat you great. It has a 3 year warranty that you will never have to use, which is more than I can say about other brands. It also is self-propelled and all you have to do is follow it. This thing is awesome and will never leave you with buyers remorse.

Posted 2011-02-13T16:12:22+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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