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My lawn has died.

I used to have grass in my back yard now there is just dirt. When it rains its like a mud bath back there.  I just dont know how to get my grass to grow. or at least get it started. can someone step by step me to success. Thanks in advance!

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Posted 2013-07-08T21:58:13+0000  by MaroonSoldier MaroonSoldier

Here are the steps for putting a new lawn:


1) Take a Shovel and Mattock to the old lawn and dig down about 2-4 inches down.

2) Now you would need to create a "grade" this slight angle is so the water has somewhere to go.

3) Use a seed spreader/broadcaster to evenly drop the seed on your soil.

4) Cover the seed with about a half inch of seeding soil to help it germinate quickly.

5) Water the new seed twice a day for two weeks and there you go...the new lawn will be peeking out from the ground.


You have other choices like:


A) Plant Tall Fescue seed to have new grass. If you decide to plant seed you will need: the seed, topping soil, and shovel.


B) Order Sod at you local Home Depot at least a week before you decide to install it. Besides the Sod you will need Topper


C) Install a Synthetic Lawn. The new types look just like real grass...really. You usually can order it installed or buy the materials from The Home Depot.


D) Groundcover is a great alternative to a lawn. Plants like; Hostas, Pachysandra, Leptinella, Veronica repens, and others are available depending on your location. I recommend low growing plants to keep a uniform look.


After you've decided what you want to do you'll need to get the; seed, sod, materials, or plants needed.


Tip: Do not simply till old turf in with the underlying soil. This can lead to a number of future lawn problems such as fungus growth and it makes it harder to grade the soil.


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2013-07-08T22:24:29+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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