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My lawn needs your help!

My lawn needs help. We just moved into our house about a month ago. At first it was mostly green. The first 2 weeks there were some storms with on and off rain. We turned off the sprinklers and forgot to turn it back on. I felt the grass and it was really dry. I google info on lawn care for winter but I would like specific info. I'm in Modesto, CA so the weather differs from most region. Recent weather has been 60s daytime and around 40 for night time. My house faces the east. What time should I water the grass? How many times a week? For how long? Should I put anything on the grass to bring some life back? Thanks in advance.
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Posted 2013-01-30T23:01:52+0000  by Anekin007 Anekin007

Hello Anekin007,


Welcome to the site! It is a bit hard to tell but your lawn looks like bermuda. This time of year bermuda does not look well because it is cold. I am in So. Cal. and my bermuda lawn does not look as well as I would like it to either.


 Always water an existing lawn for 45 minutes one day a week.You may not see results until it warms up. You can feed the lawn, but most fertilizers do not work well in cold weather either, but will show results when it warms up.


Since you haven't watered in a while, water before you feed and then water again. It looks as tho you should dethatch the lawn also, so the water a fertilizer can kick in faster, but you may not like the look as it will keep the lawn looking bad until about April or May. You can use Scotts or Vigaro fertilizers, both can be found at the Home Depot.


Hope this helps,


Posted 2013-01-31T00:08:06+0000  by Gail_HD_OC
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