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My ridgid batteries are shot

I have 2 batteries that don't hold a charge at all. What can I do? Can I send them off and have them rebuilt or anything? They are about 3 years old. 

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Posted 2010-11-07T15:26:42+0000  by ThatGuy ThatGuy

Hey ThatGuy ChrisFixit here. Ridgid has a great warranty program and if you registered your tool with Ridgid then you should be covered. Ridgid tools carry a 3 year Limited Warranty and an optional Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA). Provided you registered your tool for the LSA the batteries are covered and I've included Ridgid's contact information as well as a link to their warranty information to help get the ball rolling. 


RIDGID® Hand Held and Stationary Power Tool Technical Service call (toll free) 1-866-539-1710

Ridgid Warranty Info




Posted 2010-11-07T16:46:25+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Check the internet for a battery rebuilder in your area. I am in California and the first time I shipped two battery packs across the country and had to pay $30 per battery plus shipping. The second time I found a local rebuilder that I could drive to and save the time, expence and hassle of shipping.

Posted 2010-11-15T03:51:57+0000  by GuItArReApEr





The Ridgid battery warranty is a JOKE. My batteries recently quit holding a charge and I just called Ridgid to find out the process of obtaining new batteries. After they verified that I registered my product online as instructed, they then told me that the registration process was not complete because they never received my receipt. I know I sent my receipt to them, and my question to them was “Why would I go through the online registration process but not submit my receipt?” They stated that they are not saying I did not submit my receipt, they just never received it. They went on to say I should have followed up with them to confirm they received my receipt……and then what, they would just deny receiving it anyway.

This is a PLOY to get consumers to purchase their products. I know it is the sole reason I purchased the product, but I can honestly say that I will NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER RIDGID PRODUCT in my life. I guess they have never heard of customer service and returning customers.


Sorry Home Depot, Ridgid has forced me to shop with one of your competitors for my future power tools!

Posted 2012-10-24T16:54:19+0000  by curtg
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