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Myster Component

I located this above my hot water tank.  I don't think they are associated.  Anyone have an idea what it is?

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Posted 2016-02-13T23:17:00+0000  by Bulder Bulder

Hi Bulder,

Thanks for joining us here on the community.

I'm with you with thinking that this unit isn't attached to the water heater due to the wires.

It appears to be or be something similar to 18 AWG Thermostat wire.

I'm sure other forum members can chime in with their 2 cents, but it looks like its some sort of transformer going into a 4" round junction box.

It could be a component for an HVAC or CCTV system, but have you traced the wires to see where they go, both low and line voltages?

If you can take a flashlight and do some investigating, you should be able to find where it is going. Turn the power off to it, and use a voltage tester on it to ensure that you are tracing with unenergized wires.

Keep us updated on your progress.


Posted 2016-02-14T02:29:01+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
It's a transformer for something low voltage and my first thought would be transformer for a door bell.  If you want to figure out what it controls, either turn off the power for that circuit at the service panel or open the box and disconnect the transformer.  Then see what stops working.
Posted 2016-02-14T11:29:07+0000  by Adam444
Hello Bulder.

I'm 99% sure that your picture is a doorbell transformer.  There should be markings on the outside that specify the output.  It should read anywhere from 10 to 16 volts AC.  Very few things run on low voltage AC wired that way.  If the output says DC, then it's still a mystery, but I'd bet is just a typical doorbell transformer.


Posted 2016-02-16T14:34:22+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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