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Mystery Paint Design


    I recently watched a home depot commercial about painting, and loved a design they showed for a few seconds. Now, I have started painting my house, and have completely forgotten what the design looked like! I can not find the commercial anywhere on the internet, and have not seen the commercial on television since! I remember that the people on the commercial were painting a wall yellow, and were peeling off the tape, and the design of lots of squares, possibly overlapping each other. Where am I able to watch this commercial?



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Posted 2011-10-25T02:10:35+0000  by Rguire Rguire

Hello and welcome to our community Regina!


My name is Christine and I work in the paint department at The Home Depot. I believe we have found your commercial! Yay! :smileyvery-happy: Would this happen to be what you were looking for?


Square Pattern


This pattern intrigued me, so I decided to give it a try. The sizes of the squares are going to vary depending on the size of your wall and how big you want your squares to be.


With that being said, in mine, I decided to make each square 12” with 6" in between each square.


Spacing Example


In talking to people around the office, everyone has a different school of thought on how to go about making this lovely pattern. We all agree that painters tape and patience are going to be very important when tacking this project. :smileywink: 


Other items that you will need for this project include: a pencil, ruler and laser level. A helping hand would also be handy.


As you will notice, in each cluster of squares, there are 5 squares.   


Square Clusters



Some people think it will be easier to work cluster by cluster, while others believe working line by line will be the best. There is no right or wrong way, just the way the makes the most sense to you.  


Now, let’s talk about that connector square. The size of the squares and personal preference will determine how much you cut in to the squares. In my case I cut in 2”.





Now the moment of truth- here's how mine turned out!


Final Piece


After you have taped everything off, then you can paint. Make sure when you pull the tape off you pull slowly and in one direction. We don't need all your hard work to go to waste.


Please let us know how it turns out! Pictures are greatly appreciated and encouraged.


Happy Painting!


Christine  :smileyhappy:





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Posted 2011-10-26T18:20:23+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL


Hi Regina and welcome to the community. I have a question. The design you seen in the commercial was it a basic design or was it decorative?????????? I would like to know, so I can further assist you thanks.



Posted 2011-10-25T14:24:27+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

I think  it was decorative.

Posted 2011-10-26T01:24:18+0000  by Rguire

Thank you so much!!!! That is exactly it!!!!! I will definitely try this! Thank you for the advice!

Posted 2011-10-26T21:10:55+0000  by Rguire

This is what i thought it was Great Find christine :)

Posted 2011-10-27T14:17:16+0000  by Soheil_HD_BOS

Great job Christine.


Rquire I can't wait to see your wall once you get it painted with this design.


Please come back and post some pictures. I would love to see the step by step process that you use. So if you could snap a few pictures along the way that would be great. I'm sure it will inspire others to give it a try also.


Looking forward to your follow up posts.

Posted 2011-11-04T20:54:31+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
I want to thank you for having this posted with pictures and directions. My husband and I just finished taping off a wall in our kitchen with this pattern. It was a tedious process, but came out great. I wanted to post our process and the steps we took. Your directions were what we followed, but I was curious, did you cut out the pattern from the butcher paper to tape on the wall? We used Scotch painters tape cut into 12 inch strips to make our squares. We had to be precise with the cutting to make sure all sides of the squares were even. From there, we picked a starting point and made the first square. Then we did what you suggested and measured 2 inches in from the corner of the square. When we made the overlapping square it made a 1 inch square overlap, but this is because the tape is 1 inch wide. Once we got the hang of it it became easier. A laser level was used along with a ruler. I thought I would give our suggestions for anyone else wanting to do the same!
Posted 2012-02-23T15:08:41+0000  by Sarahe2003


OK, let me throw a little water on the enthusiasm : Laying out such a pattern and the subsequent painting is a very tedious task. It involves doing the  math to get the pattern to fit uniformly on the wall. Then all the taping. Then all the edges must be first sealed to prevent bleeding under the edges, especially if the walls are textured. Then a couple coats of paint.


Now some years down the road: All those taped lines are in reality  4 to 8 millimeter ridges which will clearly show through the new coat of 4 mil thick paint when the wall is blanked out. If you have smooth wall, a skim coat of dry wall compound will have to be put over the entire wall to hide these ridges. If you have textured wall, the wall will have to be re-textured.


Is the patterned wall striking? Yes. Is it a lot of work with consequences down the road? Yes!  Interior decorators tend to often be not well founded in pragmatism. I speak from the perspective of a lifelong painting contractor who had to deal with designers :)


Wallpaper has fallen from favor in recent years, but I would maintain that a geometric patterned wallpaper would be less effort going up, and a lot less effort coming down.


Just the musings of an Ol' Contractor!


Posted 2012-02-23T17:55:58+0000  by ordjen

I'm moving into a condo this summer and would like to do this on my dining room wall.  Can you tell me what color yellow is used here?  Thank you!

Posted 2012-04-03T01:29:17+0000  by corplo

Hello Corplo and welcome to The Community!


Photographic and video images are always a trick to interpret because artificial light is used when making the images.


With that qualifier, it appears that your color comes from Behr Color Center Card # 390E.


The colors on this card include: Cosmic Dust 390E-1, Starbright 390E-2, and Rainforest Dew 390E-3. Your color is most likely one of the first two ... the third is a bit darker than the on-screen image.


If you go to your local store and use the main Behr Color Center, you'll find this card near the bottom of the third column.


Use this as your starting point, select samples that you like, and display them in the light in your new dining room.


You should identify the perfect color for your new space almost immediately.


When you've completed your project, come back and share photos.


Hope your move goes well and the new space is outstanding!!!

Posted 2012-04-03T17:06:34+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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