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I built my own custom desk.  The plywood I used is 23/32 (.720") thick, and I plan on putting a clear acrylic sheet on top of it that is 3/16 (.1875") thick, bringing my total thickness to (.9075").  I have been looking frantically for some flexible edging to put on on the needs to be very flexible because i have round corners, (about the diameter of a normal drinking glass top).  I think i want 'L' shaped trim, preferably black or grey, with adhesive backing...the adhesive backing is not a huge deal though because i am sure i can find some tape or caulk for that issue. So if anybody has any leads or ideas i would greatly appreciate it!  Thanks for your help, Chance G.

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Posted 2013-01-26T03:38:07+0000  by jchancegreen jchancegreen

Wow! Custom is fun isn't it.  I would love to see a picture of the desk - can you post some?


There are a couple of options to consider:


A thin flexible piece of PVC lattice trim can be glued on with contact cement.   


Or, real wood veneer edgeband with a glue backing.  This can be stained to match the desk and is applied with an iron.

Posted 2013-01-27T15:41:19+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks, for your response.  As soon as i get home today ill post some pics for you.  I mod podged a bunch of comic book pics on the top of the desk  and shelfs...looks pretty cool.  I am however looking at another option for trim...I just bought a ryobi router and i was thinking of buying a bit that cuts a grove in the side of the plywood to "press fit" rubber edging on the sides.  heres a link to the edging i was thinking about, is there anyway somebody could point me in the direction of the bit i would need to get the right fit depth and width?  thanks.  (im looking at the 1 1/4" bigger one)

Posted 2013-02-01T15:21:12+0000  by jchancegreen
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