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NES color matcher

Ok so I am making a Super Mario Bros NES game room. I want to match the color perfectly, but when the colors are printed, they are not the same. They are printed adding CMYK when NES colors are strictly RGB. If I save a picture on my kindle fire, can home depot's color matcher scan from the LCD screen? If not, can I bring in the exact numbers for either the RGB, CMYK, or even a Hex code?

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Posted 2012-07-03T14:09:02+0000  by shawniecas shawniecas

Hello Shawn!


What a great project!


We color match almost anything when we have a quarter-size solid sample of the color.


Your pad monitor will not function as a suitable sample either.


I tried Hex color codes and they did not generate a response from the software.


Some international color codes are included in the software, but the easiest way to generate an accurate color it from licensed Mario products which should be color-correct based on color standards specified under licensed production.


An example would be a Mario baseball cap, or bed sheets.


And, you are correct, printed materials are produced using pixels of color. Most often they do not reproduce when scanned, however I have reproduced colors from this type sample.


If all else fails, ask your local Paint Associate to try making an eight-ounce sample from a quarter-size sample of printed material ... maybe you'll be lucky and the print quality will be fine enough to match.


NOTE: Officially licensed products are the easiest to locate and will always reproduce the best.

Posted 2012-07-03T15:01:24+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Hi there shawniecas,


PatinPaint has given you some fantastic advice on how we can best color match for you! He's a master of the Spectrophotometer.


I'd just like to add in two options for you, since I've done similar projects being an avid gamer = )


The NES/Famicom actually functioned on a YPbPr color pallete since they were using analog style component cables back then, or "yippers;" it wouldn't be until they created the SNES/Super Famicom that they would convert to an RGB table.


The NES had a 64-color pallete, but only used 54 of those available slots. Today we can convert these into decimal or hex coding if you're working on the computer...but since you need house paint, I'll share my sneaky trick with you = )


You can very easily find the YPbPr pallete on the internet with a quick search. Now, my method will require that you have a smart phone handy. Download a copy of the pallete onto your phone from your web browser as a photo, and load up the Behr ColorSmart App. In this app there is a great function of pulling colors directly from a picture on your camera roll (if you're not sure how to use it, check out this thread where I went through it in more detail.) Load up your saved photo and use that to match off of.


I've used this function to match similar RGB, hex or other output color palletes and it's come out looking great! I personally ran this using the NES YPbPr table and I got very similar matches in Behr colors off it!


Another really cool thing to check out is the Behr 2012 Trends. In this, they include a style called Retro Recall that I really think you'll enjoy. It's very 90's gaming inspired and the models pictures for it even include the likeness of our favorite mustached plumber himself!


Best of luck with it and be sure to post up some pictures of how it turns out. I'd love to see what you come up with and give it the +1 Gamer's Seal of Approval!~

Posted 2012-07-05T16:01:19+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thanks Jay!


Color matching is an art. But with the tools available to our Paint Associates, certainly not an exclusive art.


And, no one loves a creative solution more than me!


However, color saturation of photographs is strongly influenced by available light. In addition, the ability of the camera lens to focus light on the image-capture components will impact the color saturation of the resulting image.


Shawn said, "I want to match the color perfectly, but when the colors are printed, they are not the same."


Like colors that are printed, colors that are captured photographically are not the same either!


In fact, if you used five different cameras to capture the photo, you would likely get five similar but different colors.


This type variation can also be seen in downloaded photos.


For confirmation, I put together this example of the technique you describe.


Attached at the bottom of the page is a photo of the cover of Behr's Midtone and Deep color collection; taken with my iPhone.


When this photo is imported into Behr's iPhone app, the app identifies the dark blue color on the cover as Deep Azure S-G-600.


However, when you look inside the cover, Behr identifies the color as Evening Symphony PMD-64.


And another noticeable difference; when you open the color collection book, you will see the real color chip of PMD-64 ... it actually appears a bit more magenta than either the photo or the brochure cover.


So while Behr's iPhone app is fabulous and does many things very well, when it comes to actually capturing a color ... the app will only get you in the general ballpark!


Most of my customers find that very helpful!


Shawn may as well.


But the very best way for Shawn to "match the color perfectly" is to bring a licensed product to The Paint Pit and have it repeat-scanned until to formula repeats exactly.


Like Jay, I would love to see images as well as read feedback on your project when complete Shawn!


NOTE: Wet paint colors typically dry darker. So when trying to match a color exactly, always dry two coats of paint on your sample before passing judgment whether the color actually matched.

Posted 2012-07-05T18:36:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
I think I found the solution to this.  I downloaded the home depot color app on my phone, took a picture of a blow up of super mario (from computer screen).  

I ended up with the following colors:

Terrace Teal (red)
Plantain Chips (manilla folder color)
Antiquarian (olive green).

Super Mario
Posted 2017-01-05T15:56:03+0000  by jeffjohnvol
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