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Nail polish remover stain in tub

So, this is the stupidest thing, but I got some hair dye stain on our bathtub in our new rental apartment, and the material this new tub is made of really holds onto stains. I googled how to get it out, and several people (who are clearly sadists) recommended nail polish remover.

I soaked a paper towel, slapped it against the spot, went to feed the cat, and came back to a huge BLUE stain where the nail polish remover had been touching the tub.

I've scrubbed at it for over an hour with a magic eraser, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol (which worked fine on the original stain, incidentally, which was literally a tenth of the size of the current stain. Sigh.). It's lightened slightly, but it isn't coming out.

Please give me any tips on next steps. I really want to remove this.
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Posted 2016-10-15T05:16:52+0000  by MaryKatz MaryKatz
Here is a picture of it, light quality isn't the best (stain looks darker irl). 
Posted 2016-10-15T06:43:33+0000  by MaryKatz
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