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Natural Gas Grill Install

Does home depot install natural gas grill? Looking to get my grill hooked up to my natural gas hook up on my pourch? Been calling around and no one does it. Can someone lead me in the right direction

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Posted 2013-10-23T03:46:18+0000  by 1910 1910

Hi 1910,


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for asking.


Plumbers provide gas and water hook-up. The Home Depot offers in limited areas to help connect customers with contractors that can help you. Look to see if you live in one of those areas. If not, check your local contractor listings.


Hooking up a natural gas grill to an existing gas line on your patio (or deck) is a rather simple matter of connecting the 10 ft. flexible hose to the quick connect coupling.


Connecting the quick connect coupling to your gas source can get complicated.


The quick connect adaptor is the all brass fitting pictured above. The female threaded end of the adaptor connects to your gas source that comes from the house. It is most likely a 3/8ths inch pipe thread fitting. You will possibly need to adapt this fitting to a different size gas line from your home.


You can use brass or black pipe fittings for this coupling. Do not use galvanized pipe with natural gas. A reducing coupling will allow you to adapt to the change in your pipe size.




Use the appropriate size reducer coupling along with a 3/8ths inch nipple to connect to the quick connect.



Always use pipe sealant to connect pipe threads.


There is usually a cut off valve at the end of the household gas supply line. These valves can have a variety of different thread types to accommodate different gas line material. Correct identification of the thread type on your valve is critical.


This is precisely why plumbers are hesitant to commit to these rather simple jobs, because they can get complicated.


Take pictures of your gas source and show them to the plumbing associate at your local Home Depot. Pictures make it easy to give the right recommendations.


Keep us posted.






Posted 2013-10-23T20:37:41+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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