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Natures Nutrient Milkweed

 I'm in Mission Viejo  Ca and I contacted Home Depot Corporate a week ago about the milkweed you are selling. I see other people also having the same problem. I have been raising Monarch caterpillars for years and I know when a plant has pesticide on it. I can assure you this has pesticide!  I bought plants and watched caterpillars vomiting green and dying. I tried for a week washing these plants but only did the same thing every time I re-introduced them to caterpillars in an enclosure. I returned these plants this morning and the garden manager acknowledge the problem and said I have to contact corporate again to complain that he had no power to change the situation. There is a law as of 2019 that milkweed plants sprayed with insecticide be properly labeled which they are not! Also, Home Depot has vowed not to use vendors that use insecticides. These plants are called Natures Nutrients and have pictures of caterpillars, bees, and butterflies. Its the whole reason for Home Depot to sell them and they are poisoning Monarch Caterpillers. Somebody needs to pull these off the shelf and contact this vendor asap
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Posted 2019-06-18T18:02:48+0000  by JOELE JOELE
I’m in Fairfield, CA and bought Nature’s Nutrients from Home Depot. It’s been reliable in the past. There are no labels or indications that pesticides have been used on theses plants (from Altman Plants in Salinas.) I moved 12 monarch caterpillars to one of these plants in an enclosure. They should have started growing steadily, but I found my first dead guy on the floor. My friend who bought the same plants warned - she thinks it has pesticide applied due to het cat’s behavior. I started looking closer for my crew and ended up removing  just 5 still alive, although they are not looking good. The rest are all dead - stuck to a leaf or on the floor. 
I will head back to Home Depot in the morning. I’m angry. I need to trust these plants are safe. I’m trying to save monarchs; not sentence them to death. The ONLY reason people are buying theses plants is to help monarchs, so NONE SHOULD HAVE PESTICIDES APPLIED. Home Depot corporate needs to take responsibility and pull all affected plants from their stores immediately and then identify a safe source. 
Posted 2019-06-24T02:36:28+0000  by Stano
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