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Need Capacitor, Light Kit and Remote control for AC-552

I recently moved in to a home where most of the ceiling fans - except one- work OK.

I noticed that the fan with problems was missing a part so since all fans in this home seem to be the same make & model I decided to remove this part and try it in this broken fan.

Once I did it worked right away. The part I replaced I believe is called the capacitor and it has the following reference #: PQC-E.


I've been trying to get this part on the web but I'm not sure which one is the right one since I don't even know the manufacturer. I climbed on top of the fan and wrote down the model #: AC-552 and took the picture I'm attaching.

I'm also attaching a picture showing where the missing part should go.


My problem is that not only I need to make this fan operational but want to install a light kit and a remote control.


Any help would be really appreciated.




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Posted 2012-11-26T20:18:37+0000  by mvillada mvillada

Hey MV,


Thanks for joining us on the community! Welcome!


I saw that you posted the same question already on an existing thread regarding fixing your ceiling fan.


It looks like it is a Hampton Bay due to the AC-552 but as Newf stated in the thread, this can be several manufacturers. They simply place a Hampton Bay logo on it and sell it to our stores.


You would need to call Hampton Bay's toll-free number shown in the thread linked above or the link below.


How do I fix my Hampton Bay ceiling fan? 


The reason I say contact them is while, yes, we do sell universal light kits and remote controls, we no longer carry fan capacitors at our store. 


Getting in touch directly with Hampton Bay will give you exactly the replacement parts for your fan in no time at all.


You did the hard part already of giving us the UPC info from the top of the fan, now simply contact Hampton Bay so we can get you the parts you need.


Keep us updated and I hope this has assisted you.



Posted 2012-11-26T22:49:20+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Not what you were looking for ? Try posting a question