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Need Glass Globe for Ceiling Fan

Re: Vendor #654033

SKU 735-022

Model: CRT54-V-FE-L

SN: SS4105834

This is a ceiling fan purchased about 4 years ago. It does not have a brand name anywhere on it, but I think it is a Hampton Bay. It has two glass globes, one above the fan and one below. The lower globe fell off and broke and I would like to replace it; it seems proprietary to the fan. Please Advise. Please post response to my email also at rmmla at aol dot com.

Thank you.

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Posted 2011-10-19T20:58:06+0000  by Ralph Ralph

Hi, Ralph!

Thanks for reaching out to us and thank you so much for providing the SKU number, that shows me exactly what you have & you are correct, it is a Hampton Bay product.


I have already contacted the parts department, the glass is in stock, and I have emailed you the price & how to place the order.

Please let me know if you need anything else!


Thanks, Nicki

Posted 2011-10-20T14:40:02+0000  by THDCustomerCare
Hi Nicki,

I'm looking to replace the glass globe for the below model#. Please provide me the price for this part.

Model # YG216-NI
Store SKU # 160854
Posted 2012-02-16T16:20:49+0000  by maijom

Hi Nicki,


I have been looking to replace hampton bay fan globe.


Model: AC-4054-5

UPC #718212041154

Vendor # 445993.




Posted 2012-03-19T03:29:22+0000  by tonngo0

I have same model posted but do not see which globe glass to get.

Hampton Bay

Model: AC-4054-5

UPC: 718212041154

Vendor: 445993

Date: 0697

SN 007521

Posted 2013-05-15T18:11:04+0000  by Mark58f
I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan which needs at least a couple of the metal arm brackets that the blades attach to as they are bent. Please let me know if these blade brackets are still available. The fan information is below...Thanks!

SKU# 232809
Model# 54MKA
UPC# 718212043486
Vendor#  445993
Manufacture Date May 2002
SN# 001692
Posted 2015-10-25T01:57:26+0000  by fhjohnson1
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