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Need Hampton Bay Dual Capacitor OEM wiring diagram for

Fan information is 


52" Ceiling Fan

Model  NO K-2,

Made in Taiwan ROC

23076939 (FIRE BIRD)


NO. S015083.


See Picture


Need original Dual Capacitor wiring diagram.

Hampton Bay image.jpeg


So I can proper wire the replacement switch.


Thanks in advance


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Posted 2013-10-06T22:26:20+0000  by Eric_DYI_Price Eric_DYI_Price

Hi, Eric.

I apologize but the info from the sticker below doesn't tell us which unit this is.

We'll need you to locate the 12 digit UPC from the sticker I have attached a picture of, then give us a call at 877-527-0313.

If you aren't able to locate a sticker with the UPC, you'll just need to give us call & then email a picture of your fan where the agent can see the blades, the light kit if there is one, blade brackets etc, to try to ID from our fan database.

Thanks so much!


Posted 2013-10-07T18:00:07+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Thanks for the response!


I could not find any other sticker on the fan.  We think the fan is from 88-90 time frame based on when the house was built.  I have attached pictures for visual ID.


Fan image 2.jpeg




Fan image 3.jpeg



Fan image 4.jpeg



Let me know how this works for ID.  





Posted 2013-10-07T21:34:22+0000  by Eric_DYI_Price

Hey Eric,


I'll have to say that due to the age of the fan, it'll be a long shot to find who manufactured it. Having the images uploaded and the UPC info on top of the fan still greatly assisted us, thank you.


But I have good news for you......if still have the wires installed the old dual capactor 3 speed switch, you'd simply need to wire up the replacement in the manner the old ones are.


In other words, lets say the blue in the broken switch is in a 2 position. You'd remove it and place the same blue wire in the exact 2 postion for the proper sequence...its that easy. There really isn't a universal wiring diagram since many manufacturers have various colors and positions.


Since it is a dual capacitor switch, you'll need to get one that is the same. We sell these in our stores. To view pricing and more information, click on the image of it below.

Westinghouse Dual-Capacitor 3-Speed Fan Switch

Lastly, you can read the installation instructions for your switch by clicking here.


Let us know if you have any further questions, and keep us updated on your progress.



Posted 2013-10-09T16:24:31+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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