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Need Help Building a Bay Window Bench



First-time "builder/remodeler" here, looking to build a a bay window bench that will include storage space. Drawing my inspiration from this, but I don't have a sense of where to begin (besides measurements).


Any advice out there? What type of materials, tools, and process. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated.



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Posted 2011-04-29T19:57:53+0000  by brandon_colon brandon_colon

Hello Brandon, and welcome to the community!


Building a window bench or seat will be something you will treasure years from now. They come in all shapes & sizes, either in a angled bay seat, or a squared off, the building concept is the same.


Building a wall-to-wall seat with the back and sides means concealing the super structure with a finished face, kinda like the walls in your house, you don't see the 2x4 studs, but it looks nice when it's done.


Start by securing 2×4 hanging strips horizontally to the studs along the three walls. For the center support, toenail a 2×4 from the front knee wall to the back, do this on both sides of the hinged seat opening. For the seat’s front, frame a small knee wall out of 2×4s, and cover the 2x4s with one piece of oak plywood, place it on top of the knee wall and add strips of wood vertically to give the look of segmented sections. You can line the inside with cedar


Top the platform with ¾-inch solid oak split into 3 pieces, or you can use oak plywood, if you use plywood you will need to cover the edges with oak trim.  Once you have finished building it, it's now time to stain the wood, or apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane that has a UV inhibitor to protect the finish from fading. Once the polyurethane has had a chance to cure for a week or so, then you can use it--you can also consider making a window seat pad for added comfort.


Please post pictures of your project in progress, we'd love to see it.

bay window.jpg

Posted 2011-04-29T21:24:23+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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