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Need New Burneer for Vermont Castings VM400XBP

About 4 years ago I purchased a Vermont Casting Grill from the Brandon FL Home Depot.  Now they do not sell this brand.  Plus no parts are available.  The model is VM400XEP.  I am in need of replacing the main burners for this grill.  Any suggestions as to where I can purchase them?  Very disappointed as my Weber grill lasted 3 times longer than this one.  Thanks
Dan G.
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Posted 2011-02-14T13:32:16+0000  by DanG DanG

Hey DanG,


Sorry to hear about the burned out burner on your Vermont Casting :smileysurprised:


I ended up doing a little online research since you are absolutely correct, we do not sell parts or the brand itself anymore for at least the past 2 summers in my store or online. You stated in the post that you have a model VM400XBP in the title and VM400XEP in your question. The model I only saw online for replacement parts was the one in your title the VM400XBP, if I am incorrect in this please let me know. 


While I've found sometimes a local fireplace and pool dealer may be able to get you the part, nowadays you can just get it directly online from various sources. Here are a few links that can steer you in getting the exact main burner:

Burner for VM400XBP #1


Burner for VM400XBP #2


Burner for VM400XBP #3



Let us know if these links helped you out, and with the additional accessories they sell, you can have your grill up and running in near-mint condition in no time flat.





Posted 2011-02-14T15:21:20+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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