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Need Product Equivalent to UK's "Cloroplex" for Rabbit Enclosure Floor

I rent an apartment and I have a (miniature breed) pet rabbit.

Pre-fab indoor rabbit enclosures in the US are typically:
- Very expensive
- Poorly constructed
- Made from unsafe materials which rabbits are notorious for chewing, and subsequently, ingesting
- Too small; or have too little area that is actually usable for a rabbit

I have thus opted to go for a DIY enclosure, like many Americans with "house rabbits."

A lot of DIY, renter-friendly, indoor rabbit enclosure information can be found online, but most of it comes from the UK, where rabbits are more popular as indoor pets than in the States.
I have read from numerous sources that "Cloroplex" brand corrugated plastic sheets are one of the best options for flooring in an indoor rabbit enclosure because the material:
- is pretty 'user-friendly' for customization and DIY projects
- is relatively easy to clean and sanitize
- protects hardwood flooring without necessitating a layer of material beneath to protect the floor
- has just barely enough traction for a rabbit to hop around without slipping
- is not rough on a rabbit's paws, the way wire grids, sheet metal, & concrete are

Sounds good to me...but I can't find any vendor of "Cloroplex" in the US, nor exporting "Cloroplex" to the States.

Is there an equivalent, essentially identical product to UK "Cloroplex," sold in the US? I need to find the proper flooring material for my apartment rabbit enclosure project.
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Posted 2017-02-08T05:23:53+0000  by Dianasaur Dianasaur
I searched for "Cloroplex" and couldn't find anything but I think you mean what is a plastic version of corrugated cardboard.  Just search "corrugated plastic" and you'll get plenty of hits, including Home Depot (not sure about in-store availability).
Posted 2017-02-08T13:02:50+0000  by Adam444
Hello Dianasaur, and welcome to the Community!

I agree with Adam, I could not find "Cloroplex", but we do carry the corrugated plastic in the stores, either white or black sheets, here is the link. 
Posted 2017-02-09T15:10:24+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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