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Need Resources to learn Dremel

I'm will soon buy and use a Dremel tool for my Art work. I do 3D Assemblage art and I need to start learning a few "building' skills (on a small level) and I need to learn what a Dremel can do for me. Where should I look for resources/help to teach me?

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Posted 2013-07-02T07:08:31+0000  by HollyForrester HollyForrester

Love the Dremel.  They do have a website but get you a piece of wood and experience yourself with it.  Amazing tool.  Wasn't thrilled with the saw. $35 tool that is pretty worthless.

Posted 2013-07-03T00:00:29+0000  by Pooh
Awesome ideas and feedback. Thank you so much Pooh!!!! :)
Posted 2013-07-03T00:16:10+0000  by HollyForrester


I'm wondering if the "saw" would work for me ok since, if I use it, I'd use it on little boxes and/or cigar boxes. And little "things". ??????  What do you think? Should I still stay away from it?


Posted 2013-07-03T00:20:34+0000  by HollyForrester
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