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Need To Find Perennials That Will Live Easy

I lack a green thumb. However, I absolutely love flower gardens and beds.I want some perennials and annuals that are not hard to grow. Something perfectly suited for beginners. I am loving all those vibrant colors of spring more each year, especially as I get older. Below are some I am looking at but I do not know if they will live in zone 7 (online advertisers will tell you anything). Needing some help and any ideas will be grand!

Found some daffodils and I love them. Says they are perfect for my zone 7. I love the color of them, the lemony yellow. I would like another type perennial that deep purple to go with them.
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Posted 2017-10-11T00:06:01+0000  by Tammt Tammt
Hey Tammt.

Here is a list of the top 30 perennials for your garden. They were selected because they are the toughest options for a perennial garden.

The pink Autumn Joy Sedum is the toughest perennial in the bunch. Creeping Phlox grows like carpet to the ground and blooms at the same time as your Daffodils and it comes in many colors including purple. I would recommend the perennial Salvia if you like purple. If this area is shaded then the purple foliage of the Heuchera would be a good option. Purple Cone Flower is a great plant and will bloom in the summer. Although they are not purple, Cannas are tough plants that will multiply and eventually need dividing.

When planting, put down 2 inches of mulch over the roots of the plant to keep from drying out so fast and you will get better results. Click on the link above and click on each plants orange link to find out more about them. You can find our Perennial Library here along with many informative related articles.
Posted 2017-10-12T14:47:55+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Greetings Tammant,

I have been waiting for a question like yours…thank you and welcome to the Home Depot Community and to the wonderful world of “ever growing”, gardening! (no pun intended) 

Daffodils are great! You should have no problem planting them in your zone, stop by your local Home Depot, right now we have a great selection of spring flowering bulbs, the selection will be just right for your zone….The varieties of daffodils are amazing with colors from your lemony yellow to a pale buttery yellow. Read the top, back of the packaging the instructions will clearly state the depth the bulbs are to be planted, and when the flowers will appear. Choose bulbs that flower early, mid, and late spring so that you can enjoy weeks and weeks of springtime color!

Daffodil bulbs are not bothered or dug up by any rascals, daffodils are strong! The bulbs are toxic, animals do not mess with them at all; that is why it is good to bury a few tulips with your daffs so the yummy bulbs (tulips) have a chance of being undisturbed.

A deep purple Hyacinth will complement your yellow daffs or even the tiny grape hyacinth will under-flower early flowering daffodils…simply beautiful! Bulbs are the earliest spring color you will see, bulbs are how the garden wakes up and smiles.

When planting or handling hyacinth bulbs wear gloves, some people (like me) are sensitive and have an allergic reaction…just an fyi.

Now for some easy perennials; the easiest perennial on the planet for a shade garden is a Hosta, you will come to love and respect their loyalty. The varieties of Hosta are so numerous; between the multiple texture types, and the shades of greens, yellows and creamy whites they set the foundation and become the bones of the garden, hosta compliments any plant that thrives nearby…….hosta are so easy!

My favorite, and the simplest and easiest sun loving perennials are the entire family of Stone Crop Sedum…. these plants are amazing! This family is strong and true, they start out in the spring so unassuming, growing close to the ground in the sunniest, driest part of the garden and they push on all season. Autumn Joy Sedum pushes up all summer looking like, broccoli florets on steroids, adding height, structure and texture to the garden. When all the other plants are exhausted, Autumn Joy becomes glorious during September, producing flower heads that displays colors from mauve pink, to the deepest burnished, copper color, Sedum adds so much to the landscape! The plant is also giving in the way of simple propagation, new plants can be started from cuttings, Autumn Joy is hardy in zones 3-8…you should have this!

My all-time favorite summer flowering perennial is Echinacea, now this coneflower family is easy and simply beautiful to grow in a sunny garden. Since the first time I saw this beauty, I have been smitten, always finding a place for it in my garden…..these flowers are champs! Purple Cone Flower and all the relative varieties that belong to this family of perky blooms are reliable and happy! The cone heads of the flowers stand long after the petals have fallen, the seed head supplies food for tiny birds throughout the winter and will also freely shed seeds, to produce more plants that are wonderful for the next season…win-win! The Echinacea family is literally growing, with more texture blossoms and spectacular colors….you need to get a few of these!

Well Tammt, these are my top three favorite, and the easiest of easy perennials. I would like to know if your garden is sunny or shady, moist or dry…is it rocky?  Could you send some pictures? I could go on and on about suggestions…Yarrow is another great carefree perennial, tall garden Phlox! How about some Lavender, seriously everyone need a little lavender in their life….Bee Balm anyone? Do not get me going on Lupine, another true garden love, I see that Lupine is hardy to zone 7, you may want to take a chance on this supreme beauty….they are magical, like a Foxglove, the flowers fairy tales are made of, Foxglove are hardy in your zone.

Check this link for easy perennial cutting garden suggestions of beautiful easy to grow varieties! 

Here is a quick trip to a perennial farm, heaven on earth, where you can find true perennial peace!

Tammt you have loads to choose from, help us focus in a bit more on your specifics, I am sure that my fellow garden associates will chime in on your question as well.

Looking forward to your next question and garden info,



Ingar has supplied multiple links for perfect perennials, his library is a great resourse, click his links. The orange links I have provided are articles from the archives of the community, we hope that all the information is helpful! 

Posted 2017-10-12T15:16:14+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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