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Need a different glass shade.



I bought the Hampton Bay Umber 46" celing fan (SKU: 185 314) and am very disappointed with how much light the included stained glass shade lets out. 


I am looking for a glass shade replacement that isn't stained that will fit my fan so the lighting in my room isn't so dim. 





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Posted 2012-09-24T05:10:23+0000  by Aaron_H Aaron_H

Good morning Aaron_H,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


The Umber 46" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is one we sell in our stores, but we unfortunately at this time don't have a replacement globe for it in-stock.

Hampton Bay Umber Outdoor ORB Ceiling Fan


However, this is not to say that speaking directly to Hampton Bay's customer service center can get another glass replacement for you. Refer to the information below to find out more....

Hampton Bay Customer Service Number


Lastly, if you can't get a replacement globe for your ceiling fan, you can always change the type of light bulbs that are in the fan to give you a brighter and truer color.


How? You can switch to LED or CFL light bulbs that have a higher CRI, or color rendering index number, that will give you a better light than any standard incandescent lights you may have in there now.


The CFL bulbs that come included when you bought the fan are a soft white color, by choosing a higher CRI or Kelvin (K) number, this  will give you a better light and a not-so-dim room.

Color Temperature on CFL and LED bulbs 



Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2012-09-24T14:01:01+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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