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Need air cap for new dishwasher?

I plan to replace kitchen sink and dishwasher. If I buy LG dishwasher, do I need plan a hole in my new sink for installing the air cap of dishwasher? --- if I want have one hole for soap bottle, I need to buy a sink with at least three holes ( one for faucet, one for dishwasher air cap and one for soap bottle), correct? thanks for comments!

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Posted 2014-06-14T06:19:09+0000  by bei bei
Assuming you're going to use a faucet that requires one hole, want a soap dispenser, and local code requires an air gap, then you'll need three holes.  Understand that with a typical 3-hole sink, the three holes are going to be clustered around the center of the sink with the holes spaced 4" on center.

Posted 2014-06-14T13:06:32+0000  by Adam444

Thanks Adam444!

In CA, does any code require air gap for dishwasher( 24")?



Posted 2014-06-14T18:12:23+0000  by bei
It may not be just California, your local building code enforcement department may have other requirements.  Your best bet is to just call them and ask.  Depending on where you live, that information may also be available online.
Posted 2014-06-15T02:02:50+0000  by Adam444
Hello bei.

Actually, most kitchen sinks you buy off the shelf have 4 holes.  There will be 3 clustered together for a faucet and a 4th hole off to the right typically used for a hand spray.  How these holes are used can vary though.  As Adam444 said, it is possible to buy a faucet which has a pull-down spray that takes up only the one center hole, leaving options for filling the others.  What you may find is that those 3 faucet holes are so close together that making everything fit just right may not be so easy.  I recommend that you visit your local Home Depot and talk to an associate about common options.

Here in Chicago we do sell air gap fixtures in our store.  Not many though, as they are not required here and even though this is the best solution for hooking up a dishwasher drain I can't remember the last time I saw one installed in someone's kitchen.  Where plumbing codes require their use, I would expect everyone to have these installed.  A quick phone call to your local building code department will tell you if air gap fixtures are required in your area.  If you notice that neighbors have them then it's a good bet that they are required.  This is not an expensive addition but many do not like the look of these vents on top of their sink.


Posted 2014-06-17T18:12:52+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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