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Need cone flashing for a flat roof

While doing our bath remodel, we discovered the fan vented into the insulation between the ceiling and our flat roof.  Since we already needed a roof repair, we contacted a flat roof specialist and told him we would install the vent and they could seal it when they do the other repair.  The contractor asked us to get a cone flashing, 8" min tall, to accept a vent pip 4" in diameter, a rain collar, and a cap.  We're having problems finding a flashing that's not for B-vent pipe.  Any ideas?

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Posted 2013-05-16T16:03:09+0000  by hecriz hecriz


Hi Hecriz,


A cone flashing and a b vent are one in the same. You will need a b-vent that accepts 4 inch vent pipe

a weather color and a cap or hat as it is known. All are available at your local Home Depot.


The plumbing associates will assist you in selecting the proper pieces.


My question is your contractor can’t supply these parts?  They are available at any roofing supply house.



Posted 2013-05-16T19:08:31+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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