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Need garden advice...HELP!

Hello Experts!

I am in need of some garden advice as I just don't know what I am doing! I hired a landscaping company to dig out stumps and plant new perennials and mulch. I wanted something low maintenance. I likes hostas and hydrangeas so I went with those. The landscaper suggested boxwood bushes as well. I loved it at first but now I am having second thoughts. Here are my concerns:

*pictures below

1) The front of my house is exposed to sun for the majority of the day (6-8 hours). One of the hostas leaves were yellowing pretty bad and I've been removing the dead ones. This is happening only to one of the hostas. The rest seem to be fine. I'm afraid that I did not go with sun tolerant pants. What should I do?

2)The appearance looks nice. I planted the two purple flowers myself as that area looked bare. The landscaper put down the mesh so weeds wouldn't grow up. However, when planting, I noticed they did not remove any of the existing weeds in the dirt and old roots from the previous plants were there... Will this interfere with my current plants? Am I just nitpicking? I was a little disappointed as I expected better quality work.

3) Since these are brand new plants. Will I have to do anything extra to prep for winter so they bounce back next spring?

4) Anything I can do to make the area look less bare?

Any extra thoughts and advice are appreciated!!

Left side:

Right side:

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Posted 2016-07-13T13:09:26+0000  by Stef11 Stef11

Greetings Stef11,

It is hard to wait for plants to grow and reach maturity, and it is even harder to have questions with your landscaper, and if you were treated fairly.

The best practice is to turn and weed the garden before placing weed block down, so that your plants will have a proper start, and eases their ability to take hold and have the healthiest beginning.

Putting weed block over existing weeds will eventually kill them but it will take a while. The death of the weeds and the plants below the block is a result of lack of light, air, and moisture…... It is not quick! So will the root presence of the old plants disturb the development of the new plants…sure!Proven Winners 3 Gal. Tuff Stuff ColorChoice Re-Blooming Mountain Hydrangea

I feel that the plants that were installed are a bit small to make any impact, but the will grow…that too will take time!  #3 potted shrubs is a moderate size to install in a foundation planting, they are big enough to notice and small enough to still grow well. You can always switch your hydrangea for a bigger size

Hosta are one of my most favorite perennial plants, they require little to no maintenance at all if planted in the right location. Make sure the leave is not watered before the sun hits them, the leaves will yellow and get scorched.

Make sure that the boxwood is not a dwarf variety, or you will wait forever for it to grow even a few inches

I suggest adding a garden accent to your corner, how about a bird bath, or a trellis up against the house, an obelisk, you could also add a thermometer to the wall…. just something to pull your eye up. 

Dura-Trel 75 in. x 22 in. White Vinyl PVC Providence Trellis

Plant up a big, beautiful pot and add it to your corner while you wait for you plants to mature.

I hope this helps a bit, your pictures were a big help....let us see if you add or do something eles, let us know how things are growing!   Maureen 

Posted 2016-07-14T16:17:54+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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