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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

Need help building a good desk.

Hello Everybody, I recently decided to take on a little project and need some help choosing the proper materials for the job. I want a desk that I can use for my computer/writing but none of the desks I've seen for sale quite fit my needs. Everything is either too big for the space I want it, or is too small to fit my needs because I wanted something that has a little storage too. The photo is of one I saw that would be a good point for a design start. Perhaps shelving on the bottom under the desk on the right side in the back and continuing along the part that sticks out but the part that sticks out (46inches i believe on the one in the picture) I would have be abit smaller. I was thinking between 24"-36" of an L shape part that sticks out on the right hand side. Need help choosing materials because for the table top part as well as the shelves I want something sturdy. Able to support a computer and books and whatever else. I don't mean it has to support a person, but something sturdy. Also unsure of how to design the legs as I want it very sturdy. As the back part would be nice to build as like shelves and put books and stuff in it. Also plan on sanding and painting this to look nice.
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Posted 2016-05-06T03:00:36+0000  by johnald50 johnald50

Hello Johnald50,

Thank you for your questions and welcome to the How-To-Community.

What a fun project.

I would use a solid wood top and sanded plywood with a solid wood edge for all the other pieces since you’re going to be painting it anyways.

You could get away with the plywood for the top also but I would use the solid wood just in case you ever want to sand it down to refinish.

My favorite way to build furniture is with pocket hole screws. I invested in a Kreg jig many years ago and I haven’t looked back since. It makes drilling the pocket holes so easy anyone can do it. There are many different Kreg products that do the same thing some just make it easier than the others. But they all work great.

           K4 Pocket-Hole SystemJig Pocket Hole System8.25 in. Mini Jig Pocket Hole Kit

Here is a link to the K4 Pocket-Hole System. There is a really good video that shows you exactly how it works. You’ll see that is very easy to use and has great results.

You could use other methods like a Cam Screw and Connector system but the drilling of the holes have to be pretty precise for the joint to be tight.

                             Everbilt 6 mm x 45.5 mm Connecting Zinc Bolt / Cam Screw               null 15 mm x 12.5 mm Zinc-Plated Phillips Drive Cam Connector (4-Piece)

Now it’s time to draw up the plans with the dimensions that you want it to be. That way you can figure out how many of what size lumber you will need. You could even use the picture that you have and just trace it and then make whatever modifications that you need to make it exactly what you want.

Well this should get you headed in the right direction to start your desk project.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I love building and teaching others how to build.

I would love to see some pictures of your desk. Please post them here on the Community so we can give you the Atta Boys that you deserve.

Let the sawdust fly!! 

Posted 2016-05-06T18:34:07+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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