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Need help in flooring direction ASAP

Hi, i really need your help. Please advise which direction should i lay my flooring? WIll appreciate that immensely.
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Posted 2017-02-24T17:14:29+0000  by Vioo Vioo
Hello Vioo, and welcome to the Community!

I suggest you run the flooring along the length of the rooms, it not only continues the flow but it gives the illusion the room is longer. I used your graphic and added wood flooring. 

Posted 2017-02-24T18:22:59+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
thank you for your reply! :) why not otherwise? usually people say from main entrance horizontally
like bowling alley !
because from main entrance i can see the end of apartment where the wardrobe starts!
wouldn't it make apartment deeper?
Posted 2017-02-24T19:09:22+0000  by Vioo
As Angelo said, typically flooring is laid along the long dimension of the room.  Maybe open a few packages of the flooring and lay it out loosely to get a feel for the appearance, then do what you think looks best.  The rules aren't engraved in stone. <lol>
Posted 2017-02-25T11:27:02+0000  by Adam444


Going lengthwise actually does make the floor and room look better, and not like a 'bowling alley'. You also install any plank style floors towards any window that gets the most light. 

Ultimately, there isn't a wrong or right way, but traditionally as Angelo stated and in his diagram, any planks typically start towards the longest length of the room. Not only will the room look nicer and larger, but from a practical standpoint it means less cuts you'd have to make.

Again this is with plank type flooring. For any tile-type installs, you would start from the nearest center point of a room and go outwards. Again, this is done to reduce the amount of cuts around the perimeter of the room. 

Most folks opt for plank flooring to go the length of the room, regardless of what they think it will do to the size appearance of the room. Besides, something that aesthetically small can be mitigated with area rugs to even darker colors of paint on the wall to make the space smaller or cozier.

Just my 2 cents on the matter.

Posted 2017-02-25T14:55:31+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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