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Need help or suggestions on sealing my basement floor

I am painting my basement with a floor paint, and I am going to throw glitter on top (it's my Hair Salon) and I do not know what I should seal it with to ensure the glitter stays put and there is a nice gloss finish to it. I have found several types of floor sealers & finishes even high gloss, but they all say they are for like vinyl or ceramic tile etc...the basement floor is concrete but we are painting it with a floor paint from Sherwin Williams, so not sure what kind of gloss sealant to use. Sherwin Williams didn't have anything like that.

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Posted 2011-10-20T18:47:57+0000  by Jenna Jenna

Hi Jenna,


Thanks for joining us here on the community!


No matter the type of floor paint you purchased, I have just the solution for your hair salon floor! We sell a product in our paint department that is just what you are looking for, a high gloss sealer in clear that CAN go over the existing paint that's there now on the floor!


This is the only sealer that I am aware of that is able to be painted directly on top of a painted surface. Keep in mind though, that if the paint you purchased was a latex/water-based/acrylic type paint, it can be recoated with the item shown below, but not an oil-based floor paint. 

Behr Wet Look Sealer.JPG


If it is going over a water-based paint, I would recommend first sprinkling a small (4ft. by 4ft. or slightly larger) area at a time, applying the glitter in whatever way suits you best. Then, you can apply the wet-look sealer the same as you applied the floor paint. Since the wet-look sealer is a water-based formula, you can have a dry floor the same day with the glitter and look you want!


Hope this helps you out,


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Posted 2011-10-21T14:00:20+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Most cement floor paint is a laytex enamel or epoxy. You shouldn't really need to put a sealer on either of those nor would you want to. The chips should dry and harden just fine in ordinary cement floor paint.  In fact Dry Loc, one of the most famous of the cement paints, recommends that you do not use it on floors because it has a sealer in it and the floor can not breath. While SW paint is good you might want to take a look at Behr or the Conco sold at the HD competitor. Conco is a contractor floor coating. Conco has received some pretty good reviews. Both Behr and Conco are much cheaper than SW. I am just about to do this to my basement floor. I am planning on using the Conco. I haven't decided on the chips/flakes yet as they are quite expensive. The recommended coverage of the chips is 10 lbs. to 400 sq. ft.  I have been wondering if you could just buy a bulk bag of glitter and pretty much acomplish the same thing.


Posted 2011-10-20T20:20:14+0000  by macfan

Wow, Thank you so much! That is awesome information! :smileyhappy: I will check it out! So if it is oil based, is there anything you would recommend? I am not sure what base it is. smileyindifferent:

Posted 2011-10-24T18:21:10+0000  by Jenna

You are quite welcome Jenna!


To check and see if it is oil-based, it will say it on your paint can. If you discarded it already or don't have it, I would suggest calling where you got the paint from. If it says alkyd or paint thinner cleanup, it is most likely an oil-based paint. 


Most paints nowadays with the amazing technology have all sorts of paints available in water-clean up latex.


Still, refer to the can or the store where you got it from to exactly find out what it is. Next, IF it was an oil-based paint, you can cover with an oil-based floor polyurethane, but make sure that the floor polyurethane can go over a painted surface first. 


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's a water-based floor paint you used, so hopefully you won't have to deal with anything oil-based at all! :smileywink:




Posted 2011-10-24T18:56:55+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Ok, Thanks again! I haven't actually used the paint yet, so I will DEF check that BEFORE I so paint! :smileyhappy:

Posted 2011-10-24T19:22:55+0000  by Jenna



And if you'd like, feel free to post pictures of the updated glitter floor! We all get a kick on here out of seeing the 'after' of any good project.


Best of luck to you on your painting!



Posted 2011-10-24T19:25:41+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Also, this will not be slippery right?? :/ I can't have customers falling. :)


Posted 2011-10-24T19:52:11+0000  by Jenna

Ah, you bring up a good point!


In that case, I would recommend for you to use Behr's Low Lustre Sealer.

Follow the same steps as we talked about earlier in the thread. It does the same job as the wet-look sealer but in a safer low-sheen clear finish.



Behr Low Lustre Sealer.JPG



Since it's a business, you may want to also use a floor mat to track any water that gets carried onto the floor. Of course, with it being a hair salon, you'd want to get one that isn't made of fabric but a solid core so any bits of hair won't get stuck in it. 



Posted 2011-10-24T20:07:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Cool, thanks! :smileywink:

Posted 2011-10-24T20:21:10+0000  by Jenna
Because you will have hair dressers and clients moving over the floor just about all day, you want a sealer with great abrasion resistance. An epoxy infused acrylic or a polyaspartic coating are your two best bets. You can mix the glitter right into the coating before applying it to the floor.
Posted 2013-08-22T12:00:34+0000  by FoundationArmor
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