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Need help - painting DIY toddler play kitchen

Hi everyone! I am new to the forums and happy to have found you all!


I am working on a DIY play kitchen for my 19-month old daughter. My inspiration came from this project:


I was happy to find an old cabinet from Craigslist that was very similar to the one in the project. Two very handy friends installed a real faucet and metal bowl for a sink, and made some other great modifications for me (curved edges on bottom, cut doors, mounted shelves, drilled holes for stove knobs), so that it is very close to the inspiration project. I found the old faucet and the stove knobs at my local Habitat Home Store for free! 




Now I need to paint and decorate it. I would love for it to resemble a 1950s retro kitchen. I am thinking of going with a light teal color for the cabinet and a matching retro fabric curtain. I love the look of these photos, especially that blue fridge: 


Can someone help recommend the type of paint and the process I could take to achieve this look? It would be wonderful if the paint could be low-odor and as safe as possible, since my little girl will be handling it often. 


Thanks so much!



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Posted 2012-03-18T13:02:45+0000  by suzyfein suzyfein

Hi Suzy    we are so glad you joined the community and became part of the family.

   You did an awesome job on the kitchen – and I love how you were thinking outside the box and saved a lot of money at the same time (an added plus).  I also love how you want to “retro” the color and style.  I grew up in a home that had some of the original 1950’s type appliances and seem to remember that the teal color had more of a powder like hue to it. I do like the brighter teal like in the picture below and the one you referred to in your link. 




   I recommend using the BEHR ULTRA paint/primer in one product found at your Home Depot – in a satin finish. I found a couple of colors that might work below. You may want to stop by the paint desk at your Home Depot to see a better representation.

voyage.JPG            Tande.JPG


   You will want to lightly sand the surface with a fine grit sanding sponge and wipe off the dust before painting.  Wait overnight before applying the 2nd coat - allowing enough time for the first coat to adhere to the surface.  To achieve that smooth porcelain like finish – use a very soft high quality brush like a PURDY to gently spread the paint over the surface.  I also like to use a mini sponge roller and tray kit for doing the larger spaces to save time.


Finally; use larger knobs and pulls and possibly spray paint them with a shiny chrome finish. 


Hope this helps.


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Posted 2012-03-18T14:54:08+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Hi PaintPro - Thank you so much for this great advice! I love the photo you posted of the 1950s kitchen - great inspiration. I purchased my Behr paint and a Purdy brush today, and can't wait to get started painting. I ended up choosing a color called "Refreshing Pool." I will post some "after" photos when the project is complete! 

Posted 2012-03-20T01:25:50+0000  by suzyfein
What a cute Idea! I love the color idea too. It appears from the picture that the cabinet is laminate, so the only thing i would add to the suggestion of the paint process would be a primer especially for laminate, so that the paint will adhere well. I know Zinsser makes one, but check at the paint desk. I don't know where you live, but I have seen those handles at Ikea! Good Luck!
Posted 2012-03-21T00:35:16+0000  by Drillbit
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