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Need help to install a remote for my Hampton Bay ceiling fan.


I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan. And I would like to install a remote. But I do not know what kind of remote to get since I do not know what model of fan that I have. Could you help identify what model this is? And also the remote that I should get and how to install it?


Thank you

George Ho




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Posted 2013-07-17T20:05:37+0000  by george_ho george_ho

Good afternoon George,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the community!


To find the model number for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, simply look on top of the motor housing for your fan. You can use a pocket mirror alongside a ladder and safely read off the model number/UPC/SKU number. Once you know this, you can call Hampton Bay's Customer Service hotline....but getting a remote for your fan won't require this.


If this fan doesn't have a remote already, you can purchase one at your local Home Depot or order online here.


We sell Hampton Bay remote controls in our lighting department, and they are very easy to install. They consist of two pieces, the transmitter (the remote) and the receiver. The receiver goes inside the white canopy that touches the ceiling.


To install this, you will need to turn the power off to your fan and install the receiver inside the canopy. With your fan, you don't have to take the fan down, just drop the white canopy housing and let the fan still hang on the interior black bracket.


Once you do this, you can wire up the receiver as per the instructions given by the remote. Since we sell more than one type, I can't give you exact wiring diagrams, but I can tell you that they are very easy to install.


When you are finished with wiring the receiver, place the decorative white canopy cover over the bracket, ensuring that the fan looks like it was before.


As for remote controls, all of ours are universal; meaning that all we sell will work for your Hampton Bay fan.


One that is made by Hampton Bay is sold below, click on the image for more information.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control




As stated earlier, remote controls that we carry in-stock and online are very simple to install. You will need to work safe by turning the power off, and you will need a ladder, screwdriver, electrical tape, and wire strippers to get the job done.


Make sure the dip switches on both receiver and remote are in the same position; these are little buttons on the remote where the batteries go in and under a small door on the receiver.


Let me know if you have any further questions, and I hope this information has assisted you.



Posted 2013-07-17T20:28:10+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Thank you for your quick reply. And just to confirm, the white canopy that you'd mentioned is the housing piece of the fan next to the ceiling. Correct.


Thank you


Posted 2013-07-17T21:28:32+0000  by george_ho

You are very welcome George,


I apologize for the long delay for your question.


Yes, the canopy is the housing piece on the fan next to the ceiling. This piece can be removed, but you don't have to remove the entire fan; just unscrew the canopy so you can get access to the bracket that actually holds the fan in place.

Ceiling fan Canopy

Once you do this, you can easily assess where the wires and connections need to go for your receiver.


Please update us on your progress, and I hope you get the remote control for your fan exactly how you planned.


I hope to hear from you soon,



Posted 2013-07-20T15:06:17+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hi Joseph, i got the remote/transceiver that you'd recommended. But now I'm trying to open the canopy, but I don't see any screws to open up the canopy. Any other possibilities on opening the canopy?


Thank you


Posted 2013-07-26T20:32:53+0000  by george_ho

Hello again George,


To open the canopy, you will need to twist off the top canopy cover ring. This piece  goes over the screws that hides them to give the fan a cleaner appearance. To remove it, simply twist it off where it meets the ceiling. The dotted orange line is where the ring ends.

 Canopy Turn


Most models will take a small counterclockwise turn and then the ring comes down completely. Once you do this, the screws will be exposed for removal.


Make sure the power is turned off to the ceiling fan anytime you are removing the old receiver. Turning the power off at the breaker feeding the power to it and not the light switch will guarantee you are working safely.


Let me know if you have any further questions George.



Posted 2013-07-31T10:23:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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