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Need painting supply list

Ready to start repainting my exterior metal door.  I will be using the Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint.  Before I head to Home Depot, I need a list of EVERYTHING that might be necessary to complete this project:  cleaning, sanding, brush,

clean-up after painting, etc.  I want to check what I may have on hand vs. what I need to purchase.  Don't know much

so need details as to what type sanding material, what type brush, etc.  You know, the basics for a novice DIY lady.  Many thanks.

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Posted 2013-03-12T19:17:30+0000  by ladysouth770 ladysouth770

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Painting an exterior metal door is relatively easy.


Start by cleaning with a sponge and Mold Control to remove and prevent mold and mildew from growing.


Remove door hardware ... keeping screws together with locks and handles.


Use Frog Tape and 2-mil drop cloth to protect the surrounding surfaces.


Leave plastic attached until the project is completed.


Use the white foam roller and an angled trim brush to apply Rust-Oleum Oil-based Primer to the entire surface.


Allow to dry at least two-hours.


Paint two coats, using the foam roller and angled trim brush, waiting about six-hours between coats, using Rust-Oleum Oil-based Gloss or Semi-Gloss (or Behr Ultra Exterior if Rust-Oleum doesn't offer your preferred color).


Assemble hardware after second coat of paint dries ... about six-hours.




Doors are typically exposed to sunlight and heat. Make certain the surface temperature of your door is between fifty-degrees and ninety-degrees Fahrenheit.



Screw Driver to remove door hardware

Mold Control

Cleaning Sponge

Frog Tape - 2-inch

2-mil Plastic Drop Cloth

White Foam High Density Four-inch roller and at least two roller refills

Small paint tray and three liners (or disposable trays)

Two, two-inch Angled Trim Brushes (disposable brushes OK, or purchase mineral spirits to clean oil-based products)




Allow two moderate-temperature days to complete this project.


Expect to spend approximately $75 to prime and paint your metal door.

Posted 2013-03-12T19:45:12+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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