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Need receipt

Can I get a copy of a receipt for warranty purposes?
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Posted 2017-01-05T01:35:31+0000  by Billyroy Billyroy
Hello Billyroy, and welcome to the Community!

Have you spoken with the store manager where you purchased the product? If you tell them the date and time of the purchase, they can search their computer and retrieve the receipt.


Posted 2017-01-05T13:31:52+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

Hello Billyroy and welcome to the Community.

It will depend on how you paid for it.  If you paid cash there is no way to trace it.  If you used a credit card, you can go to the service desk at your local Home Depot store and they will be able to make a copy of your receipt.  If you used a store credit or gift card and you still have the card, that information can still be retrieved.

Thank you for your inquiry and for shopping at the Home Depot.


Posted 2017-01-05T13:36:56+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

Hi Billyroy,
There are 3 ways to get a copy of your receipt for warranty purposes or prevent missing receipts for next time:

  1. If it was a large purchase like a refrigerator, they may have asked you for your phone number at that time. Then they can look you up. 
  2. Go to the original store and give them the details like data, and your credit or debit card information.
  3. Do what contractors do. Use the Greenback app to automatically import all of your receipts-even old ones. They will be archived for (longer than Home Depot stores them) returns, warranty or insurance claims, supporting documents for home or business expenses and tax compliance, etc. You can even sync them to QuickBooks or Xero. 

Greenback can track your receipts by Project or Job name, address, PO# etc. Some setup may be required like signing up for a free Home Depot or Pro Xtra account. Find out how to automate your online or in-store Home Depot receipts: Pro Xtra and Home Depot receipts. You don't have to be a contractor to sign up.

Posted 2018-07-16T19:59:44+0000  by SandraBach

Hello Billyroy,

It is quite easy to get your receipts from The Home Depot. Your receipts are getting emailed and stored for you if you’re The Home Depot Pro member, if you’re not a member that’s perfectly ok too as you can quickly sign up and all your purchase information from your credit cards indicated will be in your pro account. 

Here is some useful information on how to do it very easy. 


Posted 2018-10-16T19:28:48+0000  by BruceRob
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