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Need suggestions with your annual flower beds?

Hey everyone.


This is Greengiant. I often have customers asking for suggestions for their annual beds, so I am going to make this post the official site for all good ideas that are annual beds.


If you have a annual bed that you would like to show off then send it to us and let us share your good ideas with other community members.



Petunias, Josephs Coat, Red Bronze leaf Begonias, Elephant Ears. Adding boulders will certainly give a bed the perfect finishing touch. Good in sun


Red Salvia, Purple Vinca, Elephant Ears, Red Pentas on the other side of Elephant Ears. This bed was in filtered sun


Pink Petunias, Dragon Wing Begonias, Purple Verbena. This bed was in full sun, but the Dragon Wings prefer half to full shade.



Blue Daze, Josephs Coat, Dragon Wing Begonias.



Purple Petunias, Dragon Wing Begonias, Canna Lilies (perennial), Yellow Coreopsis (perennial).



These Dragon Wing Begonias ware much healthier because they were getting 50% shade, coupled with Caladiums which also love shade.

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