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Need to Install a tub surround kit on a window wall - Help!

Hi, I'm a newbie,

I want to install a wall surround over the old tile above an existing bathtub.  I'm not interested in replacing or covering the existing tub, just the tile surround wall.  The kicker, for me at least, is that there is a window in the long wall about 3' above the top edge of the tub.  Any surround lit I buy will break across the window. I'm not sure how to deal with this and not have leaks.  Just an aside note, I will be renting out this property when I have my repairs completed.   If anyone has some experience with this I'd love to hear from you so I sponge up some knowledge.  Bath Fitters quoted me $2,500 which I definitely do not want to shell out.  I'm very handy and have tools, juts haven't done this type of project before.  Help. :)

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Posted 2011-04-26T16:03:24+0000  by PeteW PeteW

Greetings PeteW and welcome to the community!


Pete in my opinion your project it’s a perfect candidate for the FRP panel application.


I have to be honest I haven’t really used it in residential construction yet (I don’t see why wouldn’t you be able to) but I have used it quite bit on a few commercial projects that I’ve worked on and I can tell you they look great when nicely installed.


.090 frp.jpg


These panels are made out of polyester resin are extremely durable, rot resistant and come with a cracked ice looking finish for easier cleaning.

This product it’s also fairly inexpensive when compared to most tub surround type materials out there and in addition comes with selection of finishing profiles available such are outside and inside corners, dividers, wall caps and so on. An ideal selection of profiles that you can wrap up that 3’ foot window with.



Having said that you are very handy I won’t go too much in to an installation details but a few application tips;


First, window sill should be pitched away from exterior allowing water to drain back in to the tub. Further I would recommend waterproofing window sill section with a RED GARD or comparable type of waterproofing sealer to prevent any water penetration behind the panels.


Crucial; use respiratory and eye protection when cutting panels; trust me on this one.

Second always cut and pre fit FRP panels.It is recommended for the FRP adhesive  to be applied with a V notch trowel on the  thoroughly clean surface prior to installation.



 A 1/8” inch spacing for the expansion in between panels need to be maintained and trapped air needs to be bleed out by pressing panel firmly and working from the center to the edges.

For more details FRP installation manual can be found HERE.



Hope this helps and good luck with your rental property.




Posted 2011-04-26T19:53:33+0000  by George_HD_CHI

George, Thanks you for that detailed post.  Actually I am considering FRP.  I redida restaurant many moons ago and it cam out pretty nice.  I think If I use it I should probably knock all the old tile off.   Was hoping to avoid the mess.  But what the heck. :smileyhappy:  I spent the day internet surfing and I cna't believe what they want for Tub wall surround kits.  Then there is shipping and before you can whistle it's up to seven or eight hundred bucks.  They all sell window trip kits for their products I'm really surprized that these Big Box stores do not.

Posted 2011-04-26T22:36:51+0000  by PeteW
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