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Need to build two walls 16' and 8' in length

Need to build two walls in an already existing building. These two walls will be placed in corner of building. One wall needs to be 16' in length which will be perpendicular to already existing wall, other wall to be built needs to be 8' in length which will make corner with 16' to be built wall. I know a few supplies needed but not all. For 16' wall I need top plate of 16' and bottom plate of 16'. For outside of this wall I am using 1/2" sandeply 4'x8', I will need 4 of these. What I need to know is, what do I need for interior of this wall??? For 8' wall, I need top plate of 8' and bottom plate of 8', I will be using 2 pieces of 4'x8' 1/2" sandeply. I need to know what I need for the interior of this wall as well??? Pretty simple, no windows and no doors, also no electric/plumbing will be used in these walls. I think this build is simpler than what I am making it out to be. Please help!
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Posted 2014-01-14T05:38:00+0000  by jboro jboro

How are these walls going to be attached at the top?  Are they going to be connected to existing framing?  If not, you're going to have to attach them to something or they're going to be awfully floppy.


The framing you describe is fine.  The bottom plate needs to be attached to the existing floor.  When you lay out your studs, make you take into consideration the 4' dimension of your plywood.  You'll want to make sure you have a stud so you can catch each piece of plywood.  


I can't tell from your description but at the 16' wall and 8' wall perpendicular to each other?  Think about that when you lay it out, you'll need a place in the corner to catch whatever you're going to use on the inside of the wall.  If you want the plywood to butt at the outside corner, then that wall can't be 8' long if you want to use two 4' wide pieces.  The actual framing will be 7' 8" (3 1/2" stud plus 1/2" plywood).


Anything wrong with drywall for the interior?


The need for electrical is dependent on the structure.  If this is part of any kind of finished space, you'll need electricity.

Posted 2014-01-14T10:13:32+0000  by Adam444
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