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Need to make semi-gloss a matte finish

My building handyman did a touch-up job using semi-gloss latex when he should have used matte latex paint. When he found some matte-finish paint, it was slightly darker than the original white. Then he tried covering the area with white primer, a brighter white that was also semi-gloss. I prefer not to paint the whole wall for an affected area that is rather small (though the various attempts are rather obvious). I was told not to use fine-gauge sandpaper; on my own, I tried using a sponge full of Bar Keeper's Friend, a very mild abrasive meant for cookware, to take the shine off, but that didn't work. How can I refinish the semi-gloss and turn it into matte? I'd like to get rid of the new paint altogether! We're talking about  an area that is a foot square, at the most... 

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Posted 2012-09-17T02:47:47+0000  by WestSideStory WestSideStory


Hi Westsidestory,


Try using a deglosser, such as Safer Deglosser, this is a water based deglosser that will remove the shine and not damage the surrounding surface.


If this fails you may try sanding the area with a very fine 400 grit sandpaper, to remove the shine.


I hope these ideas help.





Posted 2012-09-17T17:25:35+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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