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Need to put a patio in for a grill, grass on grd now. How do we get started?

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Posted 2013-06-03T22:19:36+0000  by deestrah deestrah

Hi deestrah,


Preparation is the key to this type of project. The grass needs to be eliminated from the area before you build the patio.


If you want to place the patio so that the top of the stone pavers are flush with the soil surface, the sod will need to be removed by digging it out of the patio area. This is how I installed my patio.


Removing the live sod enables you to transplant it into another area. I simply placed the sod into low sections of my yard to level those low areas. I used a flat bladed shovel and dug out the turf in sections that were about 1 ft. square.


Husky 42 in. Transfer Fiberglass Handle Shovel


If you want to avoid the labor of moving the turf, spray Round-Up Extended Control or Ground Clear to the area to be converted. This will kill the grass in the area and help prevent it from growing back.


Extended Control Weed and Grass Killer Plus Weed Preventer Read-to-Use 1.33 gal. Comfort Wand1 gal. Concentrate Ground Clear Vegetation Killer


After the grass is dead, cut it short and fill the area with paver base and/or leveling sand and tamp it to form a base to lay the patio stone on.


Your patio will give you many years of enjoyment. It's worth all of the effort that you give it.






Posted 2013-06-04T15:14:16+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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