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NeverWet Tough Mudder Video Review

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Hi everyone, I decided to put the Neverwet water repellant through the “Toughest Event On The Planet”. Last month I ran 14 miles through mud, water, fire, and electricity to see just how well the spray would hold up. I’ve posted a video detailing my experiences, but overall, I’m very impressed. I think seeing as this spray held up in the toughest conditions it can definitely hold up for every day use. I hope you enjoy my submission! 


Watch my video review







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Posted 2013-07-31T21:37:10+0000  by gee455 gee455

Hello Gee455


Welcome to the community.


WOW that race sounds awesome and really hard.


The NeverWet product is so impressive. Every single video that I've seen or that I’ve done just blows me away.


The only thing that I'm curious to find out is how long before one would need to re-apply?


Either way I love the results that everyone is getting and I'm sure Rust-Oleum will continue to make it even better if that's possible.


Thanks again for sharing such a great experience and results that you had with the NeverWet product.


Posted 2013-07-31T22:23:41+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Hi Christine!


I apologize for the late reply, I haven't really frequented this site much so I just got around to checking my alerts for it.


Anyways, thank you for your comment! I was really impressed by NeverWet and the results were awesome. To answer your question, you would probably need to reapply the spray every race because of how grueling each event is and the fact that you'd need to wash your clothes thoroughly after. But for everyday use I don't think you'd need to re-apply very often.


Thank you once again for your comment and warm welcome to the community!

Posted 2013-08-22T02:53:51+0000  by gee455
I know your clothes were soaked, caked, burnt, and electrified gee455,

Gotta love the other possibilities for a product that can withstand those elements!

Thanks for the video and for sharing with The Community!
Posted 2016-01-28T20:21:20+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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