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NeverWet to finally WIN the war on mosquitoes! Waterproofed Bat House is eco-friendly and DRY!

I was tired of the never-ending battle for my yard in the summertime, and my wallet was tired of the never ending purchases of yard sprays, foggers, and mosquito repellent! While enjoying a backyard fire on night, it was hard not to notice (or laugh) when the whole barbeque party cheered when a bat swooped in to make a feast of the pesky insects that had been busy feasting on us all night.


Then a light bulb went off!

I did some research and learned that bats are probably the most misunderstood animal, not to mention they can put even the fanciest mosquito magnet nets to shame by collecting 600-1,000 mosquitoes an hour! I also realized that bat houses are actually encouraged in most cities as an eco-friendly way to preserve wildlife habitat and control insect populations. They are also very picky about where they choose to live, so if their home is drafty or leaky - forget about it! That's why I was ESTATIC to come across the new Rustoleum NeverWet when purchasing all my bat house building supplies online at I love and trust the Rustoleum brand, and would never "bat" an eye at trying any new product of theirs.


Here is an excellent step-by-step guide and list of materials (for the fraction of the cost of purchasing a sub-par pre-made version):

With my supplies in hand and a few hours of beautiful weather this weekend, I cannot wait to hang up the vacancy sign on my new bat house! The mosquitoes won't know what hit them.





Note: For more information on the species, criteria for successful bat houses and even tips for attracting new bat colonies check out Bat Conservation International (

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Posted 2013-06-17T22:27:50+0000  by alexandraklein alexandraklein
Cool idea. Not a fan of bats, but I dislike mosquitoes more
Posted 2013-06-17T22:37:03+0000  by ecochic

Made one last year and had the hardest time getting bats to initially find it. I ended up taking it down to mark some alterations, including sealing and caulking all the seems. It worked! Who would have thought that bats were so picky?! Wish I would have had this waterproofer.

Posted 2013-06-28T16:31:22+0000  by xmarksthespot

Agreed! When I started my research, I was shocked to learn how unique bats' needs are when selecting a home. I initially thought something similar to a bird house would suffice, but since they're nocturnal mammals, their needs are quite different.


Thanks everyone for the great feedback :)

I hope another DIY-er gets inspired and builds their own too!

Posted 2013-07-01T16:17:25+0000  by alexandraklein
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