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Project Ideas: Customers Show Off

NeverWet will be so much fun! Protection and ranks

I was thinking of using Neverwet to coat the outside of the bearings in all my skateboards and the boards themselves so I can ride in the rain without destroying my board. Or using it instead of wax on my river surfing board. It would mean that I never have to wax my river board again since the whole thing is made of wood. And while we are at it, lets cover all my other boards, snow and surf, top and bottom, and see how we'll that works.

Next up lets coat my snow shovel. I love to shovel, but with really wet snow it always sticks to the shovel, this could be the end of smacking my shovel against the ground to get that excess snow off.

Oh! Great idea here, coat gym equipment with it so that people's sweat doesn't sit and pool on it. Helping keep the gym clean and me away from other people's grossness.

Let's cover my ropes and fishing nets in NeverWet. That way they will be easier to use in the water and easier to pull out of the water.

I want to cut out discs of plastic or wood and round them out then coat them and come up with some new water based games. Like skipping stones but with these discs.

Pool toys, pool noodles, inner tubes, pool ladders and all other ladders.

I want to use it to make costumes that I can use to scare people at the beach or in rivers, imagine a green monster costume that you don't have to worry about drying out after you scare your friends on your camping trip!

Ok, best idea yet, but it would be really hard to pull this one off based purely on cost. Coat an entire tuxedo in NeverWet. Then you wear it out into the water somewhere and keep just your head up as you swim out into the lake or ocean or pond or what-have-you. Then you slowly walk out of the water looking all James Bond-ish and you clothes are completely dry and you look awesome with slicked back hair. Best way to crash a beach wedding. Or we could coat the bride and groom's entire outfit and the could arrive via water. It would be awesome!

I want to win so I can try to coat all of these things and more. I'm pretty sure I would spend most of that prize just buying NeverWet. In fact I was going to buy some right away, despite the fact that I am on a very tight budget, but then I saw this contest and said, "I can try to win a bunch and when I make an extra few bucks I'm going to buy as much as I can afford!"
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Posted 2013-06-21T04:06:46+0000  by Capappy Capappy

Would be a great publicity stunt to have a completely underwater wedding. Then everyone comes out perfectly dry.

Posted 2013-06-21T13:47:46+0000  by ghancock
Exactly, that would be awesome. The whole bridal party has their outfits covered in NeverWet including the person doing the marrying. They walk into some water, do the whole thing and then walk back out and have their party.
Posted 2013-06-21T16:45:14+0000  by Capappy
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