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New! Commercial Grade Epoxy Grout

Hi out there everyone in the community!


Aboveaveragejoe here today to talk about an amazing new product in our tile aisle at The Home Depot! From DIY'ers to commercial businesses, keeping your tile and grout looking great on your floors and walls can be a tedious job with the upkeep of re-sealing and cleaning your grout lines whenever they get dingy. What if I told you there was a grout out there that once you install it on the walls, you NEVER have to seal it! Would you also like a grout that is ALWAYS color-consistent, no matter the different containers or water-to-grout ratio you have to mix! How about a grout that doesn't shrink and is always highly resistant to water, chemicals, and to most solvents!


Well, that product is CEG-Lite by Custom Building Products!


It's a commercial 100% solids epoxy grout, that goes on just like regular grout, and has the look of regular grout, but performs far superior than regular grout! We currently sell these in 1 Gallon containers and are available in 18 distinct colors.  If you pick the bucket up, you'll notice how lightweight this is. This isn't a premix grout, but inside are 2 bags that you mix together to activate the material, a true epoxy. This grout is perfect for any place where high traffic, food prep, or for everyday wear and tear where a regular grout just won't cut the mustard...let alone be stained by it!



epoxy grout.jpg




For any further details and questions, a copy of the data sheet from this great product can be found here: CEG-Lite Data Sheet


This has been aboveaveragejoe, we'll see you back here in the community or in the store!





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Posted 2010-12-04T16:48:33+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

Hi.  Can this be used for swimming pool tile?  Thanks.

Posted 2011-03-28T01:30:51+0000  by dalederer

hey there dalederer,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


The CEG-Lite Commercial Epoxy Grout is unfortunately only rated for residential outdoor and indoor use, not something that can be installed in a pool that will be subjected to being constantly underwater. 


I checked into the manufacturer's website, Custom Building Products, and they have a higher rated Solids Epoxy Grout that is tougher than what we carry in our stores, it is the CEG 2000 100% Solids Commercial Epoxy Grout.


On their website, Custom Building Products states that this product:


"CEG-2000 is not affected by prolonged contact with water, but does not necessarily form a waterproof barrier unless special precautions are taken to maintain a continuous film of epoxy mortar 3/32" (2.4 mm) thick with no gaps or voids."


Therefore, you can use the product but be CAREFUL and keep a sharp eye out on any gaps when installing this product. It is available through special order only through our stores, check with your store for pricing and lead times regarding ordering it. I have put up a link for the webpage of the product, it can be found here


The other option as well is to check with a pool supply store and they would have a similar product as well.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-04-09T15:37:26+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

We are seasoned DIY'ers and just finished a backsplash with glass mosaic tiles using this epoxy grout. We were sick and tired of the dry-add-water grouts that never seem to give true color results (we've used those sold by HD and LWS and dark colors always dry to a chalky color several shades lighter).  So we tried this new grout and are very pleased with the results.  Here is what you need to know, from a DIY point of view:



  • beautiful even finish that has a slight sparkle
  • extremely true to color
  • small bucket sizes so little waste
  • no haze



  • difficult to manuever into small grout seams of glass mosaics..lot of pressure required
  • does contain some sand or similar particulate that did scratch a few of our glass tiles...didn't matter for us because the pattern is so busy but would NOT recommend for big glass tiles (the container does not indicate SANDED OR NON-SANDED but so much pressure is required that it did scratch in a few places)



  • must use float made for epoxy grouts
  • add Dawn dish detergent to clean-up water (per instructions on container)
  • buy several large sponges for cleanup as the epoxy permeates them quickly and makes them useless
  • must work very small area, or very fast or use two people--one to apply and one to clean immediately
  • cover everything, including laminate countertops (it sticks to your fingers and then sticks to everything you touch)
  • cover your floors in the vicinity if using on walls...even a slight blop on the floor will result in big trouble later (thank goodness we had porcelain we could scrape!)



Posted 2011-08-31T19:35:30+0000  by pharris

Hey there pharris,


Awesome review / guide! Thanks so much for sharing it with our community~


I'm glad you had such great results with the product. We'd love to see pictures of how the area turned out = )

Posted 2011-09-01T18:00:08+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Hey there "aboveaveragejoe". I'm a contractor specializing in flooring, particularly in floor and wall tile. I recently tried this product on a problem tile floor in a home that was constructed with a 2X4 truss floor joist system. 25 ft. span, no support beam or columns. Way to much flex and bounce in floor. Traditional sanded grout kept cracking and separating from 12" porcelain tiles. I tried this product on a small area. The end result was incredible! Unfortunately, applying this product was a nightmare. It was like grouting with salt water taffy. The product just dragged and pulled and stretched. Was impossible to clean excess from tiles and maintain uniform grout lines. I really can't see a DIY'er using this product.

Just my opinion.

Posted 2011-09-18T02:21:42+0000  by mikemurnin

Hey there mikemurnin,


Thanks for your input on epoxy grout!


You bring up a good point with floors that have lots of flexibility in them due to wide spans and smaller joist systems as you stated. Also, I tell my customers to use a good flex-based thin-set mortar as well, such as FlexBond by Custom Building Products. 


Epoxy grout in and of itself, can be tricky to work with sometimes. The biggest factor to consider when installing it is room temperature. CEG-Lite is easiest to apply when temperatures are between 70° F and 85° F.

Lower temperatures will cause the epoxy to become stiff and more difficult to work and will extend initial set.

Higher temperatures will cause the epoxy to become more fluid and will accelerate the settting.


So be mindful of working conditions always when working with tile, and I always tell my DIY'ers to experiment with a few tiles before jumping in altogether. 


Thanks for giving us your insight on this product Mike



Posted 2011-09-19T13:47:13+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I like this stuff a lot!  I have to agree with all the pros and cons listed above.


Biggest problem I've come across is the set time.  The minute this stuff decides to start hardening up forget it - you can't spread it anymore and the results will show it.  I found I could spread the grout over a large area and wait up to 10-15 mintues before cleaning it off. Oddly this stuff all seems to be on the same hardening timer - whether it's the stuff you've put on the wall/floor or the stuff in the container - it all dries at the same speed.


Off to home depot to buy 2 more buckets....  I'm not a fast grouter...... thus the bucket hardened before I could finish my shower.

Posted 2011-11-12T13:00:44+0000  by BoomerDT

Hey there BoomerDT,


Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear that you like it, it's really great stuff--and once you start working with it. you never want to go back to any other style of grout... = D


I'll agree that the setting time can be a bit tricky, but it's not always a bad thing that it does that. When I'm working with grout, I'll always work in small areas of about 4-6 tiles wide and no more than that. I'm way too picky about how it sets in, so I'm sitting there going over it again and again and before I know it, I'm an hour in and only 1/8th of the way through the job! = D


Best thing I can recommend is starting in just small areas like I do and then working into doing larger areas when you're comfortable with the setting time and your application. You'll get the hang of it after awhile!~


And always, always remember to keep the bucket sealed up after you take some out. Don't need all of it drying out at once now do we? ; D


Keep us posted on how your project is going and post up some pictures of your work if you can!~ We'd love to see your handiwork = )

Posted 2011-11-17T14:38:24+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

I used this grout for my first ever tiling job on a new bathroom floor.  I had no problems applying it and the floor looks beautiful.  There seem to be alot of complaints out there about this stuff being a nightmare to work with, but don't let that scare you away if you are a novice or a DIYer.  Again, I was a complete beginner - zero experience with tileing or even general flooring.


Just read the instructions and keep moving.  That's all I had to do to get a virtually perfect result. What one person can do so can another.

Posted 2011-12-07T21:44:39+0000  by biggameal

Hey there biggameal,


I'm really glad to hear it turned out so well for you!~


Thanks for sharing your outcome with the rest of the community also. I try and explain just how easy tiling can be for your average or novice DIY'er, granted that you have the right tools and the right mindset, each time that I teach a tile workshop at our stores. But it's nice that people can read posts like this from other DIY'ers so they don't have to worry as much.


What room / color grout did you end up covering with?

Posted 2011-12-08T14:55:32+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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