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New! Commercial Grade Epoxy Grout

Hi out there everyone in the community!


Aboveaveragejoe here today to talk about an amazing new product in our tile aisle at The Home Depot! From DIY'ers to commercial businesses, keeping your tile and grout looking great on your floors and walls can be a tedious job with the upkeep of re-sealing and cleaning your grout lines whenever they get dingy. What if I told you there was a grout out there that once you install it on the walls, you NEVER have to seal it! Would you also like a grout that is ALWAYS color-consistent, no matter the different containers or water-to-grout ratio you have to mix! How about a grout that doesn't shrink and is always highly resistant to water, chemicals, and to most solvents!


Well, that product is CEG-Lite by Custom Building Products!


It's a commercial 100% solids epoxy grout, that goes on just like regular grout, and has the look of regular grout, but performs far superior than regular grout! We currently sell these in 1 Gallon containers and are available in 18 distinct colors.  If you pick the bucket up, you'll notice how lightweight this is. This isn't a premix grout, but inside are 2 bags that you mix together to activate the material, a true epoxy. This grout is perfect for any place where high traffic, food prep, or for everyday wear and tear where a regular grout just won't cut the mustard...let alone be stained by it!



epoxy grout.jpg




For any further details and questions, a copy of the data sheet from this great product can be found here: CEG-Lite Data Sheet


This has been aboveaveragejoe, we'll see you back here in the community or in the store!





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Posted 2010-12-04T16:48:33+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey again Jim,


If the instruction sheet says do not mix partial units, then follow those instructions. Since I only have access to the technical sheets online, I didn't see that anywhere in the document. If I did, I would of definitely passed that information along to you.


Since you need to mix the contents at one time, make sure you have everything you need via materials and conditions to get the grout applied before it dries.


Sorry for any misunderstanding, but this a great example of following what is on the packaging, even if you can't find it elsewhere. I apologize if this information was incorrect.


I hope this gets you grouting with no problems. Let us know if we can further assist.


Posted 2013-06-29T20:44:34+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
Please tell me how I can get this epoxy grout out of my laundry room sink, which is plastic, and will the same application remove it from the laundry room cupboard door which is a melamine product.

Thank you
Posted 2013-07-03T19:20:47+0000  by Dmorris

Hello Dmorris,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I hope the epoxy grout hasn't dried yet in the sink or on the door. Any grout after curing will set up very hard, and this type of grout is no exception.


If it did dry completely, you have within 14 full days to use a heavy-duty cleaner to remove it. You can try using items like Krud Kutter or Simple Green alongside a scraper or steel wool to remove it.


It takes the right cleaner and the right amount of elbow grease to get the grout removed. And as with any grouting job you do, make sure to clean up the grout as soon as you see it to eliminate the extra work that dried grout removal involves.


Let me know if you have any further questions, and I hope to hear your progress,


Posted 2013-07-03T19:58:36+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL


As a professional tile contractor of 15 years, there are a lot of things I completely disagree with you on regarding this product. However, I'm only going to nail you with one piece of advice.

These epoxy units should not be split down in size to mix smaller batches. The reason is, if you're not accurate on your measurements of the resins and hardeners, you will not get the full strength of the grout as it's intended to be. Furthermore, if too much hardener is added, the product will become unusable quicker, and if you leave out too much hardener the product will remain soft or get "semi-hard" and end up failing. Also something to think about is color consistency with epoxy grouts.. Part of that is achieved by accurately mixing all the parts together as their intended to be mixed.


Also you mentioned in a more recent reply that you only have access to the online documents for the product. If you went to CBP's website and looked at the Technical Data sheet for this product you would see that its stated not to mix partial units. I hope you haven't been offering up this advice for pervious epoxy grout products your store has offered in the past...

Posted 2013-07-22T23:39:36+0000  by Kay461

Hello again Kay461,


As I stated earlier in my response to the other user regarding mixing, I did acquiesce to them mixing everything together. I actually linked the data sheet in this thread highlighted in orange.


I apologize if this confused you, but I already stated to mix all parts together rather than partial batches. And I did see in the techical spec sheets that I linked to not mix partial units. I saw that after the fact, and I'm sorry if you thought otherwise.


Being here in the office versus the store doesn't afford me a chance to go see the product directly when I'm here. Therefore, I had the information at hand online.


Thank you for letting us know about what happens to epoxy grout due to improper mixing.



Posted 2013-07-24T19:18:10+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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