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New Construction Oak Hardwood Sealing

I purchased a new construction condo which has an Oak hardwood floor (~ 850 sqft)
The developer told me to use only a monocoat product.
I am a newbie at this and would appreciate any help.
Here are the steps that I have in mind:

1. Determine if floor is sealed (by dropping water and see if it is absorbed?)
2. Determine if floor is sanded (how to do that?)
3. Apply monocoat oil based seal on sanded floor
4. Wait for oil to dry (typically 24 hrs)
5. Sand again??
6. Apply Bona water based gloss
7. Sand again??

Please let me know if the above steps are correct.
Thanks so much!!
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Posted 2018-08-22T15:51:14+0000  by bob1234 bob1234
If this hardwood is in a highly visible (public) area of your new home and given you are a newbie, I would suggest hiring a professional to finish the floor.  

If you want to give it a shot yourself, both Bona and Basic Coatings make excellent products.  I would suggest reading through their websites and once you've picked a finish suitable for you floor, read everything they have about it (technical data sheets, etc.).  Neither are going to be available at the big box stores, you'll have to find a flooring supplier that caters to the trade.  Most suppliers are willing to help homeowners but go late morning or early afternoon, when the contractors are gone.
Posted 2018-08-22T23:41:41+0000  by Adam444
Thanks Adam! Since the developer told me to use monocoat, I assume even for Bona products, I should use the oil-based sealers as well? Also after some research, I'm not sure why the developer told me to use monocoat only. All I know is that the material is Oak - but I read that for whitewashed or gray stained floors we should only use water based.
Posted 2018-08-23T00:44:24+0000  by bob1234
I'm not sure what your builder means by "monocoat." There's a brand of floor finishes from Rubio called Monocoat or does he mean single component finish?  I know nothing about the Rubio product and maybe your builder just thinks it's a good product.

Oil topcoats tend to impart a yellowish tone to the finish, while water based products typically dry crystal clear.  It all depends on the look you're going for.  I would think that for gray or white, you'd want a clear topcoat.
Posted 2018-08-23T08:59:10+0000  by Adam444
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