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New Garden

I just moved to Kansas and I need a new garden, any plants suggestions?
Thank you
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Posted 2018-05-16T04:38:52+0000  by Azalia Azalia
Pollinators, including butterflies, flock to zinnias ll The Home Depot Garden Club

Greetings Azalia,

Stop by your local Home Depot garden department and see what is in blooms and showing color there. Checking your HD garden department weekly will let you see what is in bloom for your area, if you purchase and plant a few perennial plants on a bi-weekly process, next year your garden will produce a procession of color, perennials are a wise investment.

Take a walk or drive through your new neighborhood, is there some flower that strikes your fancy? Take a picture and bring it to Home Depot, or post it here on line we will name your plant and give you some advice for the planting.

Moving is a very big step, moving into a new garden zone can be challenging, we want to make your transition a smooth, blooming one, let us help!

I am going to set up a few links for planting favorites of annuals as well for some constant color. Next year you can start seeds indoors in February for springtime planting, planting seeds is a great activity for kids in the winter months.

Where did you move from, a different planting zone?

Welcome to The Home Depot Garden Club, and The Home Depot Community, you may be in a new place and a new home where everything is differnt, but not us we are here and there and everywhere waiting to welcome you, and waiting to make your transition easier :)

The old saying goes "grow where your are planted"! 

Best of luck,

Posted 2018-05-17T16:15:07+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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