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New Hampton Bay ceiling fan works intermittently

Yesterday I installed a new Hampton Bay Sidewinder ceiling fan with in-wall remote control. The fan is replacing a single overhead light that worked off of a single wall switch.

My problem is that the fan is working intermittently - sometimes every function works as it should, other times none of the functions work at all. Furthermore, I don't see any pattern to this problem. Sometimes you can turn it on and off several times in a row and everything will work fine, other times it will work one minute and not the next.

I have noticed that the light on the wall remote lights brightly when everything works, and lights dimly when it doesn't. I don't know if this is some sort of clue to the problem.

I have checked all the electrical connections for the remote and the fan, and everything seems to be correct. The fan is located about 10 feet from the remote.

I am stumped, and would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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Posted 2015-07-12T13:10:42+0000  by David76 David76
I would suspect the wall control is defective but it could be receiving unit too.  I would buy another fan and start with swapping out the wall control.  If that doesn't work, continue to replacing the receiver.  Then just return the fan with the defective parts.

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Posted 2015-07-12T23:21:10+0000  by Adam444
You were right, it was the wall remote. I replaced it and everything works great. Thanks very much for the help, I appreciate it!
Posted 2015-07-22T09:38:01+0000  by David76
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