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New Higher Output LED Lighting!

Ask and you shall receive! In the next few months Home Depot will be rolling out new selections in the EcoSmart LED line. These new bulbs represent some of the most commonly used bulbs in the home. 


New bulbs include the 60 watt equivalent A-shape standard bulb, for lamps with shades, and a new line of recessed style bulbs which now go all the way up to 125 watt equivalent!


The high power recessed bulbs have been in hot demand and are great for indoor areas that need a lot of light, as well as outdoor applications such as security lighting. 


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Posted 2011-04-06T20:46:59+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy BlakeTheDiyGuy

Another great thing to note about the 60 watt equivalent LED you showed is that it's omni-directional - meaning it shines light in all directions instead of just up at the ceiling or down at the ground. I was waiting for these to come around before I replaced the CFLs in my table lamps with LEDs. It looks like the time is now!

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Posted 2011-04-19T14:03:07+0000  by Ms_Nerdigan

Hey Blake:

 I am glad to see the additions to the product line for sure ! Man you missed out on the biggest difference between EVERYTHING, and an LED or solid state light bulb! I am sure you know it, but it is huge and a BIG DEAl when educating every one about LEDs, and why they really are a wise purchase. And that is . . .    NO HEAT!  That lack of adding ANY  heat load to the HVAC on  a building is huge man! It means that for people with high (like 12+ high ceilings)  there is a LOT less chance of burning out the temperature overload, ( thermal protection ) sensor on their recessed light "cans".  Fixing that mistake is a time consuming nightmare, been there, done that, and do not want to visit that place ever again!

    Food for thought . . .  I did a clinic about electric basics for some jr highers, on basic electricity. I finished with a demo of the R30 Ecosmart dimmable bulb . EVERYONE was amazed,( including the teachers) how little heat the lamp produced after having " warmed up" for some 10 + minutes before I demo'd it for them ! 

  Thanks for the video.

Posted 2011-04-12T08:42:27+0000  by elect_answers

Hey elect_answers. Yeah you are absolutely right about the low amount of heat produced by these LED fixtures. Out here in Southern California it is a nice feature to mention as we approach the desert summer. I'm sweating just thinking about it!



Posted 2011-04-13T18:01:51+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hey Ms_Nerdigan and welcome to the community! You are totally right and I should have mentioned it! Although the actual size of the light emitting area is still not as large as a traditional light, in lamps with opaque shades these look great!


Thanks for the comment!





Posted 2011-11-03T23:46:24+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy

Can Home Depot LED track lights be used with regular track or not?

Posted 2013-01-12T16:39:59+0000  by bgill
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