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New LED Motion Light

Hello Community: electrical_answers here with a posting about a new LED motion senor security light that is evidentially so new that a search of does not even yield a description / information for it yet. I am posting about SKU 450-605, this time.

A white motion light sold under the Defiant brand here at Home Depot. It is listed as being comparable to 75 watt light bulbs. On the shelf in the light bulb aisle 866-194 , our LED PAR38 lamps are 75 watt and rated for 850 lumens. This unit is rated at 1800 lumens. More light than the PAR 38 lamps and a smaller package for sure. 

  So for similar money, people who want to spend less for security lighting, and the electricity to light it here is another option.

  So far here in the 'burbs of Chicago at least 1 customer wanting security lighting saw the unit and purchased more than 1. 

   Sorry for the picture, I tried to save it , and paste it in to the posting, it did not work out like I hoped.


resized Defiant LED.jpg

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Posted 2011-04-21T06:38:55+0000  by elect_answers elect_answers
Hi if anyone can help
Can this product also work just as a light that can be kept on until you want to turn it off. Is there a way to switch it on constant or to security? Doesnt say in manual
If not which led security light does?
Posted 2011-09-03T02:57:37+0000  by Aripac

Hello elect_answers.

You are right about this SKU 450-605.  It's not on, and limited in store distribution.  My “Chicago ‘burb” store does not carry it, though now it is a few months later and other options are available.  Here’s the pix you wanted to post:






Perform a search today on for “LED motion” and you will find a number of online-only purchase options for similar outdoor LED motion floodlights.  This category of products really is new and in due time will become more commonly available in stores.  The efficiency and long life of these lamps make them very appealing.  Thanks for the heads-up!




Hello Aripac.  Welcome to the Home Depot Community!  For any motion sensor light, the motion sensor is wired in series with the lamps.  The wall switch either supplies power to the motion sensor (which chooses when to pass that power to the lamps), or turns the power off.  You can bypass the motion sensor entirely and convert this light to a simple on-off security light.


There are products on the market that include both dusk-to-dawn and motion sensors.  Heath/Zenith sensors have a feature called DualBrite® which allows the lights to run at half power for 3, or 6 hours after dark or all night.  The unit then will activate full power operation when motion is detected.  You can read more about this feature here:



I hope this helps,


Posted 2011-09-06T13:25:41+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Regarding the Defiant CMM03120


Hello - I just installed the Defiant LED light.  My comments:

1.  The size of the main housing is very large, doesn't fit a standard vinyl siding trim box.

2.  It appears that the "test" setting doesn't over-ride the day-night function so the light can't be tested until dark

     Very inconvenient and a total profit killer for a contractor.

3.  The instructions are typically foreign translation vague.  Does the sensor led flash in daylight?  Appears not

    so I won't be able to tell if the unit works till night time. 

4.  All the setting markings are in Spanish.

5.  Instructions give a Home Depot customer support number  (877 527-0313) for technical assistance, they have no information on this device.  Try it and see what you get.



Posted 2011-09-11T15:19:20+0000  by bfarm

I purchased two of these LED lights back in May of this year. One of them developed a problem where it just blinks like a strobe light instead of lighting up.


Since I purchased this light in May, and it has worked fine for 5 months, I threw the box away, but I have the receipt. I called the Home Depot customer service line and was given the run around. The rep could not find the SKU # 450-605 in their database, or the barcode of the item listed on my receipt. After being on hold for 10 minutes, I was given the 800 number for Mouser electronics in a rude attempt to get me off the phone.


I called customer service back and explained the situation again to another rep and was told to take it back to the store.


The warranty was listed as 5 years, yet according to Home Depot, it never existsed and they never sold it to me, let alone claim any responsibility to cover the item under warranty. It's not listed on the website and is nowhere to be found on the security light shelf at my local Home Depot.


I will be leaving shortly to attempt to return the item to the store. I wonder how many hoops I will have to jump through to either get a replacement or a refund.


My guess is, they just assumed the lights will last past the 5 year warranty and were willing to take a chance and sell the item short term, with nothing in place to remedy failures or warranty claims outside of the 90 day return policy.


I printed out this forum discussion so they can see proof that it was an item they sold, since I threw away the box.

Posted 2011-11-07T23:06:52+0000  by BSD2000

I'm not sure how I missed this discussion about a month ago when I purchased this snazzy looking LED.  I purchased the 180 degree version for around a 100 bucks.  Finally got an electrician to come out and run a power lead.  In test mode it blinks on and off about every minute to every 30 seconds (varies).  When I select, 1, 5 or 10 minutes it just stays on constantly and never shuts off.  I've got it wired to a breaker and can just shut it off but thought I'd leave it overnight to see if it's just stuck in the dusk to dawn mode.  It's kind of stormy so a lot of branches are waving around out there.  Not sure what to think yet.

Posted 2011-11-18T06:25:11+0000  by JoeBlow

I am having the same problem as the is stated below.  Once it is dark the light comes on and will not shut off.  I think

I might try putting it in test mode and see what happens.  The light is wired to a switch so I can work it Manually, but that is not the point of a security light. 


"In test mode it blinks on and off about every minute to every 30 seconds (varies).  When I select, 1, 5 or 10 minutes it just stays on constantly and never shuts off.  I've got it wired to a breaker and can just shut it off but thought I'd leave it overnight to see if it's just stuck in the dusk to dawn mode."



Posted 2012-03-17T18:46:06+0000  by Bobbyh

Well, I have tried every position including test mode and all this thing does is come on when it is dark and

go off when it is light.  I just took it down and it is going back today for something else. 



Posted 2012-03-19T13:47:51+0000  by Bobbyh
I am haoing the same proble and this is the second time it has happend with two different units. Did you ever get the issue resolved?
Posted 2012-05-26T01:02:29+0000  by Liskiguy
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