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New LED lighting from EcoSmart and The Home Depot

Home Depot Now offers a line of high-efficiency LED drop-in light bulbs for use in standard fixtures in your home. 


This line includes some of the most common recessed lighting and table lamp bulbs (you know, the fixtures that we probably leave on longer than we should :smileyhappy:) Including a Par38, Par30, Par20, A19, and MR16, there is even a complete recessed light trim and bulb combo. 


These bulbs have no Mercury content and do not need to be recycled the way CFLs do. 


They range from 2700K -3000k in color temp (soft white) 




I am now patiently waiting for bulbs to burn out in my house so I can upgrade to the no-flicker instant-start fully-dimmable LED's. 



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Posted 2010-10-27T00:14:12+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy BlakeTheDiyGuy

Hi there daryllafferty, thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately the heat synchs on high efficiency bulbs don't always line up with the profile of standard bulbs. That is something that I forgot, and it can be a real issue especially if you have air tight trims in your cans.


I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the Phillips bulbs though! I’m on the same program you are, replacing my CFLs with LEDs as they burn out. I see it as an investment with a great return, that is almost guaranteed! How can you go wrong?



Posted 2011-10-04T22:00:53+0000  by BlakeTheDiyGuy
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