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I live in the Northwest Corner of Iowa and I want to replace my current lawn. I would rather not have to completely kill off my existing lawn. I have very little shade and want a low maintenance, slow growing grass. From what I can tell i have several different species of grass growing in my lawn currently and would prefer a seed or seed mix that I can spread over the existing lawn and have it take over. Any Suggestions?

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Posted 2011-05-14T18:50:27+0000  by NWIAGuy NWIAGuy

Hey NWIAGuy.


There is a perfect grass to fit this bill. Kentucky Bluegrass would be the perfect grass for your yard because it is a spreading, self repairing grass that grows great in full sun and has high tolerance to high traffic. Kentucky blue has underground stems (rhizomes) that spread and will fill in an area quickly giving you a plush beautiful lawn. Where as Kentucky Bluegrass does not have great tolerance to high temperatures, it can go dormant in the peak of summer but it will rebound quickly in the fall once the high temperatures subside. This grass does require watering often because of its shallow root system.


The other alternatives are Perennial Rye grass or Fescue grass. I feel that these would not be as ideal for you because they do not spread and require overseeding often. Now is not the best time to overseed with Kentucky Bluegrass however. September is the ideal time to overseed your lawn, for it will give your lawn plenty of time to get established before the heat of summer.


When you apply this seed, I recommend putting down a starter fertilizer with it. Starter is high in Phosphorus which will help with the development of a healthy root system.


Swing by the store and let my pros in the nursery get you squared away. Thank you for your questions and welcome to the community.








Posted 2011-05-15T13:32:12+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Judging by the pictures that I have seen online I currently have a mix of Ky Bluegrass, Fescue, & Rye. If I want to keep it short enough to be nice looking I have to mow twice a week. In addition the yard is currently a haven for garter snakes. So I want something short enought to discourage them from making my yard their home. I would even prefer a higher maintenance grass if it was slower growing and tighter so as to prevent the snake infestation. I was mowing today and when I hit the front corner of my lot 8 snakes when tearing off in different directions. I have heard very negative things about the various chemical repellants for snakes and do not want to have to pay for an exterminator when they'll most likely just move back in next year anyway. If they have no cover in my yard they will move on to greener pastures.

Posted 2011-05-15T19:44:42+0000  by NWIAGuy

Hey NWIAGuy,


greengiant isn't in today, but I wanted to give you a response to your concern about getting rid of those snakes in your front area of your lawn. You are correct about the costs and environmental impact on using repellants to get rid of those sneaky serpents. Alongside your new lawn, consider using a product we sell at our stores that is safe, affordable, and effective on getting rid of snakes in areas where you don't want them. Below is a picture and specs on this great product.

snake a way.JPG


At my store, we have another brand that works just as well. We sell this in our inside gardening chemical/pesticide aisle. Ask any associate that works there and we can get you on your way to being snake free in your yard!


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2011-05-16T13:58:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Hey NWIAGuy.


Kentucky Bluegrass will be the best bet because unfortunately there is no grass that grows slowly. Kentucky Bluegrass grows a little slower than Rye or Fescue because it spends some of its energy crawling and spreading. If you could develop a slow growing grass you could make millions and I would be your first customer.


As for the snake away product, it is sulfur which will acidify your soil which will need to be neutralized with lime. Go sparingly with it and put in around the perimeter of the yard. Garter snakes are harmless and only want to be where you are not. Thanks for the question and hit us up if you need anything else.

Posted 2011-05-19T13:27:25+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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