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Hi all, I live in East Tennessee and have recently moved to a home that does not seem to have had it's lawn well maintained. I also had some work done outside of the house to further damage some areas of the yard. So now, I have patches of thin fescue, patches that seem brown and look like they are dying, and lots and lots of crabgrass to deal with. I am trying to figure out if I should use herbicide and then overseed or if I should wait til spring to do that? Or would I be better off trying to kill off everything and starting over? Sorry, first home and just trying to get a nice yard.
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Posted 2018-09-22T18:38:27+0000  by StevenS StevenS

Hi StephenS,

Welcome to The Community!!!

Your timing is perfect!  The Fall season has just begun and it is the perfect time to plant fescue grass seed! 

Eastern Tennessee has many climate challenges where grass is concerned. Fescue grass is the grass that will grow well in the most varied of conditions. It grows well in full sun as is does in part shade. It remains green all year and there are many varieties that adapt to just about any growing condition.


Aerate your soil to help establish deeper roots this winter as your new grass matures. Apply Starter Fertilizer when you apply your seeds. Keep it watered for a month or two and mow it on your mower's highest setting.

Don't worry about your crabgrass, since frost will kill it naturally. Apply pre-emergent next February and follow up with another application of pre-emergent in May.

That's it! You will enjoy your new lawn in a matter of a few months.

Thank you for asking,


Posted 2018-09-25T14:51:14+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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