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I am new to this community and gardening so any and all knowledge is appreciated. So I have a backyard that has seen a lot of things from a little vegetable growth at one corner to a completely rocky and concrete patch on the other. To paint a picture what I am dealing with I would start with there being weed every where in the backyard with patchy grass growth. Roots from the neighboring trees are also surfacing in some area. The soil is rocky with some sand and concrete in a small area. The backyard was never taken care of but I would like to get rid of all the weed and grass and then prepare the soil for a new and fresh grass (so I will need your suggestion on dealing with the rocky soil). So first how do I go about killing the existing grass and weed?
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Posted 2016-05-16T20:13:13+0000  by Jigar Jigar

Howdy Jigar,


You seem to have a large but not impossible project ahead of you. Let’s start by talking about a plan for your yard. Your entire yard doesn’t have to have grass or vegetation for that matter. You can add anything that you can imagine from; trees, pavers, raised beds, umbrellas, patio furniture, etc.


To get your soil into shape to get started here is what I would do:

1)      Sift through the soil to get as much of the rocks from the soil as possible.

2)      If you yard is large, rent a rototiller from your local Home Depot to turn the soil over. If your yard is small a regular shovel should do the job.

3)      After the yard is turned over water well.

4)      In a few days you should see a lot of weeds sprouting up. This is time to use Roundup to kill off the vegetation.

5)      Next use a cultivation rake to add a slight gradation to the yard to make sure water runs off away from the house.

6)      When ten days has passed it is time to “amend” the soil to ensure there is proper nutrients and drainage for the new lawn.

7)      If you are doing sod the “Topper/Seeding Soil” will go down first, if you are doing seed, you will broadcast the seed first and use the “Topper/Seeding Soil” on top.

8)      Water twice a day for about a minute to keep the seed moist or roots moist, depending on whether sod or seed are used.

9)      In about 2 weeks you will be surprised to have a lush lawn you’re looking for.


Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

Posted 2016-05-17T00:16:42+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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